22 February, 2012

Do. This. Now.

Have you ever backed up your blog?
No?  Me either, until now.
Do this right now, before you forget.

(instructions are under the image)

These instructions are for Blogger.

~ Go to your Blogger dashboard,
~ click on Settings ...1
~ then click on Other ...
~ then scroll down & click on Export Blog ...3

~ It will then ask you where to save it & voila, it's saved... backed up.
Good work.

Do this right now & schedule yourself to do it weekly or fortnightly or monthly depending on how much you post. (pop a note in your diary)

Oh & if you have the old Blogger interface, go to the Blogger dashboard, click the Settings tab, then next to choose Export Blog under Blog Tools.

Right, so you've been doing this as you read it right? Good.
Leave me a comment to let me know you've done it and if it works for you.

Remember, you need to back-up work, because sometimes thing go wrong & one day, you may log on & it's gone, gone for good & that would make you cry. And I don't want you to cry, I want you to save those tears for something else.
Back-up your work!

And whilst you're on it, back-up your photos & files too!

Be a good Blogger & not a booger!