15 February, 2012


Since moving into our new house & we are reluctant to paint - the walls are in good condition, so we thought we'd get some vinyl decals to put up.   I thought I'd get a tree for Bubba's room as when we were house shopping he LOVED a tree decal in one of the houses, so perfect, I thought, I'd get one for Bubba's room.  AND because, hubby is always walking into the glass sliding door (funny for me but not for him), I thought I'd get one for the glass door too.

These are what I'm currently liking for Bubbas room.... (the walls are a creamy beige)
Vinyl Wall Art Tree Decal - Nursey - Birds & Bunny
Kids Vinyl Wall Decal Cherry Blossom Vinyl Wall Art Tree Decal - Nursery
Kids Vinyl Wall Decals Tree Decal - Nursery -Birds Owls
Boys Vinyl Wall Art Tree Decals - Nursery -Birds Owls Monkey

And these for the glass sliding door....
WORLD MAP: Wall Decal Vinyl Sticker (45x22").
Ornate Floral Heart of Vines Vinyl Wall Decal 8 x 9
CIRCLE RINGS - 4 Colors - vinyl wall decals kids room nursery stickers bubbles polka dots
BUBBLES CIRCLES wall decals kids room stickers art (3 COLORS)
or are these bubbles better?

What do you think, which do you prefer because I'm finding it hard to narrow them down to one each!!  or can you suggest some others?  Maybe you know an Australian Company that sells Decals??

I also found these poppies, I was thinking they'd go great above the bed. Our bed is lilac, so I can't really decide on the colours of the poppies, maybe dark grey?
Poppies Vinyl Decor

And how about this for the toilet door?  Beats me having to give directions to visitors....  
Bathroom Symbol Vinyl Wall Decal


  1. I must say I quite like this for a sliding door - http://store.modernwallgraphics.com/-strse-347/Bird-On-A-Wire/Detail.bok

    and this for a little one's room - http://store.modernwallgraphics.com/-strse-349/Street-Sign-Post/Detail.bok

    But I would find it hard to choose too. You can sure have some fun with them. Can't wait to see what you decide! :)

  2. Those trees are awesome! I like the first one most of all. Cool idea!

  3. I love the third tree with the owls. And I think the bubbles are beautiful.

  4. The tree with the owls is so cute! I would definitely choose that one for a little boy's room! I like the bubble for a sliding glass door, and grey would look great with lilac, so would white, would depend on the wall color.


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