02 February, 2012

3 eggs

I baked a cake.
Yum right?  Well, yes it tasted yummy, but it didn't go to plan.
You see, I mixed the cake, put the cake in the oven & then tidied up after a cup of tea.
When I was tidying up, I found 3 eggs on the bench. Those 3 eggs were supposed to be in the cake.
'Not again!' I thought, I've gone & baked another cake forgetting to put the eggs in it!

The cake may not have risen high & it may have a slight crumbly texture, but it still tasted yummy!

Do you want to bake an Orange cake too?  Use this recipe, it's dead easy but don't forget to add the eggs!
BTW, I was also thinking about naming this post: The Tale of 3 Eggs or maybe even 3 Eggs & Baby, but in the end I didn't, don't know why, just didn't!
....And that's my I spend my days, thinking weird stuff, forgetting the basics and then drinking tea!!!