30 March, 2010

My Inner Grannies

Here are some pics of my inner grannies for the blanket I am making..... I am so in love with the colours!
Does the above pic remind you of anything, or do I just have fertility on my mind???

28 March, 2010

So, I'm not complaining or anything....

This is me... I walk into the kitchen, seeing the stack of dishes in the sink, a huge stack (and there's only 2 of us) and then commenting ..... "Geesh, I can't believe that the washing up needs to be done again, I only did it a couple of days ago"......
Apparently, complaining with that statement does me no favours. I mean, seriously, what - I have to do the dishes everyday and what (???) after every meal???!!?? 

UGH! I hate being an adult, geesh, next you'll be telling me I should brush my teeth twice and day & too floss as well.....

27 March, 2010

And so it begins

Ahh yes, the first crochet of a new project.
This is the very first granny round of a baby blanket that I will be making for a friend.
And because it is for a baby, I have decided to make the blanket from granny squares of two rounds as I thought if the granny squares were any bigger then the baby would have been easily dwarfed by the blanket!
And thanks for you help with the colour choice of the blanket from this post - it was greatly appreciated.

23 March, 2010

The Ranchman's Return

Here is another classic from our bookshelf.
The picture has almost disappeared from the cover, the spine is falling apart and the pages water damaged.
But the history remains along with the brilliant sketches
and this classic sales pitch from the back cover.....
and I quote.... "Doctors recommend Wild West books as the perfect antidote to depression, overwork and worry."    
Surely, this is the best kind of medicine.... reading!! Brilliant!

21 March, 2010

Tales of Daring and Danger

I found this dusty old book in our bookcase, it was just to fantastic to be hidden behind all the paperbacks that I had to bring it to the front.
I love the colour of the cover, the pattern of the green leaves and yellow dots!
On the inside of the cover, it stated that the book was awarded to a lad called Joseph in 1925 from his school for the highest number of marks!  I can picture him sitting in front of the open fireplace absorbed in book of such adventure! 
The first chapter entitled Bears and Dacoits, A Tale of the Ghauts surely would have enthralled Joseph. And me?  Well, I'll admit that I haven't read it yet, but I just love the texture, the colours, the smell and I just love the fancy font they used too!

20 March, 2010

Guts ripped out

This is my day.....
Start a new ball of yarn, try to find the yarn end from the centre, try again to find the yarn end, try again and again.  Give it to Mr to find the yarn from the centre. 
Mr finds the centre, but then I tug the yarn out and, well......
Don't get me wrong, I'm not blaming Mr here, it's my own fault, sometimes I just yank the yarn out too hard because I've lost my patience and then I end up with a big pile of yarn and a terrible knot!
So lesson learned... If using yarn from the Bendigo Woollen Mills - don't try or even attempt to take the yarn from the centre! Unless I'm missing out on something... am I or is it really this hard?

18 March, 2010

My Creative Space

Once again, the bright Hairy Monster appears this week! But this is all you will see for a little while, as I (stupidly) didn't buy enough yarn to complete the project! So no more of these bright yarn ends will be piling up to make any more monsters.
Dumbass - yes!!! Well, that's what I have been calling myself the last couple of days anyway!  So here is one final look before he is put aside until I track down a stockist/supplier of the yarn.
......'Til we meet again Hairy Monster.....

Are you taking part in Kootoyoo's Creative Space? If not, you should do - it's fun!

16 March, 2010


And as they say, this is the one that John West rejected.
Why? Well, I guess I got a little distracted watching the box rather than concentrating on what I was doing. If you look, you will see that I have missed the whole corner of the granny centre.  Dang! Guess I shouldn't watch Man vs. Wild whilst crocheting - it's just too distracting!

BTW - the best dvd's for me to watch whilst crocheting are Rambo & Onegin - two completely different genres but hey, they work for me! .....And, next week I am going to try audio books, I'm heading to the library next week to check out their selection..... any suggestions?

14 March, 2010


Ever found a box hidden away in plain sight?
And in this box was a treasure trove?
What if there were bag handles,
 purse clasps and
bundles of Japanese fabric squares?
You'd think it was your lucky day,
or perhaps something bad,
something worse,
something that perhaps that you feel ashamed to admit too...
I think I am a stash-a-holic.
Are you? 
Or am I alone?

12 March, 2010

Tutorial.....How to... make Yo Yo's

It's easy to make Yo Yo's and I'll show you just how easy it is.
I'll be using a Yo Yo template that you can easily purchase or you can cut hundred of circles out of paper to use - but that is too time consuming for me!

Yo-Yo's can be used for heaps of things such as garlands, placemats, table runners, or turned into bags, quilt tops, attached to clips for brooches etc etc. 

Skill level: Beginner
Follow the instructions attached and you can whip some up in no time!  Note: if you are unable to open the attached doc, send me a quick email & I'll email you a pdf version.

If you make some Yo-Yo's - show me, I'd love to see them & see what you make with them.(add a comment with a link!)

11 March, 2010

My Creative Space

I thought I'd join in with Kootoyoo's Creative Space today.
My life is full of colour at the moment, I am enjoying the colour so much that I don't want to even toss out the scraps!

09 March, 2010

Cotton on

I was hunting through my cotton stash the other day when I came across this spool.
I don't know when or how I it came to be in my possession but it's just too pretty to use!
But the question is: What is Terylene?

07 March, 2010

Waste not or what not...

Think hard, think long and hard.
You have seen this before, but where?  Perhaps you have one in your hand right now. Perhaps you go through 2 or 3 a day.....

Need more clues?

Ok, ok, give up? They are the wrappers around the disposable paper coffee cups that you get from your local cafe!
I was fiddling with one (from my hot chocolate) and then WHAM, it peeled off and then WOW, my imagination sparked into overdrive!  So I now have put them into my paper stash for future use! 
I'm thinking xmas card decoration or perhaps a future garland!

And how is this for sweet: Mr comes home from work today and pulls out his backpack - 2 red wrappers from his work day cafe! Who needs Valentines Day when it is quite obvious that Mr thinks of me during his day.... aww, sweet!

05 March, 2010

Purse by parcel

Online shopping can get a little addictive, right? 
There's a real buzz when you receive the parcel in the post!
Well, here's my latest purchase....
It's a couple of purse kits and extra clasps from this beautiful shop.
Now I've just gotta find some funky fabric to make the purses with..... any suggestions?

02 March, 2010

Drool Alert

My kinda fun, getting a big parcel in the post from Bendigo Mills.
Here's a peek inside.
And here's the wonderful, delicious cottony contents.
Mmmm, yum, oops drooling again!