18 March, 2010

My Creative Space

Once again, the bright Hairy Monster appears this week! But this is all you will see for a little while, as I (stupidly) didn't buy enough yarn to complete the project! So no more of these bright yarn ends will be piling up to make any more monsters.
Dumbass - yes!!! Well, that's what I have been calling myself the last couple of days anyway!  So here is one final look before he is put aside until I track down a stockist/supplier of the yarn.
......'Til we meet again Hairy Monster.....

Are you taking part in Kootoyoo's Creative Space? If not, you should do - it's fun!


  1. .... but it sure does make a very pretty photo.

  2. Who doesn't love a hairy monster? good luck finding more of that colourful hair xo

  3. Argh...how frustrating.

  4. Just love when that happens, grrr...Hope you are back in action soon.

  5. doesn't that drive you crazy ... i bought two bals of yarn today bcause i didn't want to end up in that place

  6. hate it when that happens


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