11 March, 2010

My Creative Space

I thought I'd join in with Kootoyoo's Creative Space today.
My life is full of colour at the moment, I am enjoying the colour so much that I don't want to even toss out the scraps!


  1. I love the way the scraps from projects come together to form their own beautiful "something".

  2. Great colours - what are they from?

  3. haha, i know the feeling about those ittle scraps. one day your hoarding will pay off and you'll be secretly happy you saved them

  4. Oh I know exactly what you mean!! Aren't they just beautiful? :) K

  5. Lovely! I picked up the bin next to my sewing machine to empty it this morning but then put it down again because the scraps were just too pretty to chuck out.

  6. i love snippets of colour ... so intriguing. what are you making?


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