12 March, 2010

Tutorial.....How to... make Yo Yo's

It's easy to make Yo Yo's and I'll show you just how easy it is.
I'll be using a Yo Yo template that you can easily purchase or you can cut hundred of circles out of paper to use - but that is too time consuming for me!

Yo-Yo's can be used for heaps of things such as garlands, placemats, table runners, or turned into bags, quilt tops, attached to clips for brooches etc etc. 

Skill level: Beginner
Follow the instructions attached and you can whip some up in no time!  Note: if you are unable to open the attached doc, send me a quick email & I'll email you a pdf version.

If you make some Yo-Yo's - show me, I'd love to see them & see what you make with them.(add a comment with a link!)

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