16 March, 2010


And as they say, this is the one that John West rejected.
Why? Well, I guess I got a little distracted watching the box rather than concentrating on what I was doing. If you look, you will see that I have missed the whole corner of the granny centre.  Dang! Guess I shouldn't watch Man vs. Wild whilst crocheting - it's just too distracting!

BTW - the best dvd's for me to watch whilst crocheting are Rambo & Onegin - two completely different genres but hey, they work for me! .....And, next week I am going to try audio books, I'm heading to the library next week to check out their selection..... any suggestions?


  1. I see what you mean, but you might be able to make something else out of it? I think audio books is a wonderful idea. Radio National has a book reading in the morning at about 10.40am and in the afternoon at about 2pm - always a treat. K

  2. We love man vs wild. Esp when he eats something gross! i love how matter of fact he is... like just in case next week you too are hungry and needing protein in the amazon you will know to make sure you chop the head off that spider and only eat the legs.

  3. Anything with Jackie Chan for me - er, not the audio book suggestion - just the best to crochet to. You can also always log on to BBC Radio 4 and listen to the afternoon play (stream, 'em). Serious addict here...

  4. You can still use the 3-cornered "granny"-- make it a "slice of pie". Continue turning corners where you have them, and continue making a flat round where the corner is "missing". Make 3 more like it, and you can have a rounded-corner "square", or use for rounded corners on a afghan, etc.

  5. That is not a reject but the begining of a beautiful one of a kind object. It's time to take the bits and pieces and all you skills and make something artisy. Go wild with it. Let us see what you do with it.

  6. This happens to me from time to time, too. Once I forgot to make a corner on a row when I was making a single huge granny square, and unfortunately, I didn't notice until I had a few rows over the first one that went wrong. Ugh! Let us know if you find any good audiobooks. I like listening to podcasts when I'm crafting!


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