27 February, 2011

Window shopping

I'm in love with this dress, I haven't been into any 'actual shops' but I can still window shop on the internet!
image via etsy

What have you been up to lately?
Me? Well, all I've been this last couple of weeks is a Mamma. Joe this, Joe that, Joe wants to play at 4 o'clock in the morning etc etc. I'm tired. So very tired.

I've been trying to eat healthy, breastfeeding really sucks the energy out of my system but I am having a hard time finding the right snacks. I've been putting my thinking cap on for snacks and have come up with:::::
cold toasties
boiled eggs
Can you add anything to my list... please, pretty please with cherries on top - I'm hungry here!....http://www.etsy.com/shop/designbyme2010

24 February, 2011

If Only....

If I had a spare million or two lying around, I'd buy this....
Images via domain

19 February, 2011

You may have already figured this out already, but...

Yep, I've been online shopping again!
This time it was a 'Mumsy' purchase - I needed a smaller baby stuff bag, you know to carry a couple of nappies, change mat & chuck in my own handbag rather than lug around a huge nappy bag.
I bought it here and it is brilliant!

18 February, 2011


I've been baking lately, must the 'Mumsy' in me coming out.
This time it was Chocolate Chip Cookies but I have just realised that out of a bookcase full of fancy cookbooks, I mainly cook from the ingredients packaging.  I mean, the cookies were from a recipe on the choc chip packet and the other week I baked cornflake cookies from a recipe on the cornflake box!  And then someone asked me for the carrot cake recipe that I made, I hunted for 3 days for this until Mr suggested that it was from one of my cookbooks (not a recipe cut from a packet) and then voila, he was right and I found it presto!

What is your fav recipe from a cookbook or packaging??

17 February, 2011

My Creative Space

He's done!
My Creative Space is clear this week because I've actually managed to finish something that I started!
I set out to knit a toy (freestyle) and finished it too. To see more pics click here.

15 February, 2011

Meet Jobot

  Guess what.... he's finished! 
Yes, I have actually started & finished a project (and it was within a month too!).
Joe is a little too young yet to play with him, but I made him really narrow so Joe can get his little hands around his new toy.
His back is fabric to give another texture for Joe to discover. Mind you, with my sewing, it looks like Jobot has a wedgie!
I took advantage of a sleeping Joe to grab a 'kodak' moment with his new toy!
I'm pretty impressed with myself!

My first contribution....

Here's my first 21 Grannies for the Crochet a Rainbow project.
It was a tough decision, but this was my favourite Grannie...
a wee stack!

14 February, 2011

And his head shall be green.

So he now has 2 arms, 2 legs and a torso. What's missing.. oh, the head.
Yes it is green and rectangular but Joe won't care!
Look at all the ends I need to sew in, they remind me of either his arteries!

And his arm shall be yellow.

I've now finished his arms, one is yellow and the other is.....

12 February, 2011


Yes, I've managed to cast on the arms, not much swearing was involved there.... Well, maybe a swear word did slip out but I was sitting on the bed doing this with a drink balancing on my lap and maybe I may have spilt the drink a little and well.....

11 February, 2011

A surprise find

I was walking home with Joe the other day and I noticed that the fancy shmansy baby clothes store was closing down - you the know the type - where a baby shirt costs $80 instead of a reasonable $10. It's the type of store that I never go into but on this account I did because the sign said it had fabric to clear. 
Fabric? Huh, I never knew they sold fabric, so I ventured inside ended up buying 2 lengths of fabric in a very nice green.
Now, what should I make with them?  There is a little over a metre of the print and about 30cms of the green corduroy.
Oh, and I did buy Joe a $10 shirt that was originally $80 - it's about the only time he will have an $80 shirt in his wardrobe!!!

10 February, 2011

My Creative Space

Here's my attempt at baby Joe's knitted teddy bear, it's a freestyle pattern that I'm making up as I go along and I'm about to attempt to add arms.
Wish me luck.
What's in your Creative Space today? 

08 February, 2011

My attempt at knitting a toy!

I've decided to knit baby Joe a toy BUT I don't do patterns well & I'm not the worlds best knitter. So I have chosen to use the basic knit stitch or garter stitch as some know it and make the pattern up as I go along.
This is what I have so far... how is it looking?  
Ha, I know, I've only casted on the stitches - but hey this is a giant step for me!!!

07 February, 2011


Just dug out all of my knitting needles & then actually looked at them, now I know I don't use them very much but I didn't do this on purpose!

Loose ends

I'm at the point of my granny squares where I've finished a stack but now I need to do the dreaded "sewing in of the ends". 
I hate this part!

06 February, 2011

Getting my Granny on!

Up to my ears in Grannies at the moment.
Have you been making Grannies for Crochet a Rainbow?

05 February, 2011

This post is bought to you by the letter J

I came across this Etsy store, money goes to help the flood relief campaign, so of course, I had to 'help' by purchasing something.
I chose the letter J because I thought I could use them as thankyou cards for people who have given baby Joe presents.
The J is fabric cut out & stuck onto the cards - very groovy indeed! I often wonder how people manage to create such wonderful work, I mean if I were to try the letters would be cut roughly and stuck on at an odd angle!
Also, the packaging was awesome too! 
She had stitched the envelope together and the tags was fabric stitched to card - I've gotta try that sometime!  (have you tried this?, was it difficult, did it screw up your sewing machine???)

03 February, 2011

My Creative Space

I can knit, I promise! 
It's just that I choose not too as I don't want to embarrass myself on a regular basis!
You see, I knit but I knit slowly, really slowly.
As for baby Joe, he doesn't seem to care as long as he still gets fed, burped, changed & put down to nap! (just ignore the dark circles under my eyes)
What's you're Creative Space like this week are you starting something that you haven't done it a long time too??