30 May, 2016

Keeping teacher warm.

My son, Joe is 5 and totally adores his Prep teacher at school, so much so that he wanted her to "never get sick" and made her hat!

27 May, 2016

The Great Debate: pompoms

Forget the upcoming Federal election, the debate in our house at the moment is .. can a pompom be too big?

23 May, 2016

Another knitted vest turned into a ....drest!

I recently finished knitting Laney a vest that I turned into a dress, so I call it a drest!

16 May, 2016

My new toy, the Accuquilt Go!

Hating to admit a fault but I am terrible at cutting a straight line. Scissors & patience are not my best friend which is a problem when you want to start quilting but I have found a solution to it!