30 May, 2016

Keeping teacher warm.

My son, Joe is 5 and totally adores his Prep teacher at school, so much so that he wanted her to "never get sick" and made her hat!
Joe chose the colours, dyed the wool ...the orange well that had it's own adventure. First we dyed it yellow but we didn't like that, so we dyed it green and nope, we didn't like that so we then dyed it orange and yep, that was a winner!   The pink is neon pink with flecks of electric purple through it ..sounds odd but Joe told me that they were the colours his teacher wore!
I think the hat turned out pretty cool ..not my colours but then again, it's not for me!

Each night, Joe & Laney would sit on my lap and knit a few stitches, so it truly was a joint effort!  I hope his teacher loves it & wears it often.


  1. Smallkitchentales.com30 May, 2016

    That is SO sweet! Your boy is so thoughtful. I bet his teacher loved her hat and the reason behind it. And you are SO clever! ❤ cathie

  2. I love the colours!


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