16 May, 2016

My new toy, the Accuquilt Go!

Hating to admit a fault but I am terrible at cutting a straight line. Scissors & patience are not my best friend which is a problem when you want to start quilting but I have found a solution to it!
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I finally bought myself one of these!  ...and it is awesome and so easy to use!
I now have bundles of little pre-cut fabrics in squares and half-square triangles from all those really annoying scraps that I had shoved into a box.

I was originally planning on buying the smaller version but I figured that I don't need something light weight to carry and the actual dies (the cutting mat thingies) that I wanted actually came with the bigger version, so I thought why not ..and bought it! (not that this version is heavy!)

The die (cutting shape mat thingy) that I wanted (& came with this bigger cutter) has a two 2.5" hst, one 2.5" square and a 4.5" square, so they will all go together nicely and I can have lots of fun.

I've now gone and bought some more die shapes to easily making binding strips and little hexagons but I'll show you those when I get them!

By the way, the Go! cutter is so easy, here is my 5yo son Joe using it:
I also filmed him using it, I could have made it even more easy for him to use by putting it on a table that was his height but I wasn't actually expecting him to want to use it, he just jumped on to it whilst I was cutting (on my kitchen bench).
Ok, so now it's back to scrap busting for me!  
....do you have one of these?