23 May, 2016

Another knitted vest turned into a ....drest!

I recently finished knitting Laney a vest that I turned into a dress, so I call it a drest!

It's my way of participating in the #MiloMay16, where you knit a Milo vest in the month of May!
Laney, of course, refused to wear it when she found out that I wanted to take a photo of it!  I had to convince her that it was a winter woolly ballerina dress and was the type that ballerinas wear when they go outside when it's cold!
I don't think that little white lie did any harm but notice the first thing that my lil dancer girl did was try to climb a tree!

Hmm... what to knit know?

all the pattern deets here....
p.s. I used the Playground speckle yarn from my online store, you can get some here.....

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