21 August, 2017

Knitting backpack

A new backpack sewn up just for me instead of for the kiddies, this one is going to be for my knitting or crochet projects.

07 August, 2017

A Quiet Play book

A fun sewing project straight from my sewing machine, a book for 'quiet time' to give me a few moments of peace every now and then!

03 August, 2017

$20 worth of love

It's winter here in Australia and gosh, it's chilly!

31 July, 2017

A winter cardigan for me

Apparently, I'm on a roll with making stuff for myself!  I've just finished this cardi and I LOVE it!

27 July, 2017

a sample knit for Laney

I was testing out some sample dyed yarn that I made, it was a 200gm ball - fun to dye with but very labour intensive in process.

I like how it knitted up but I'm still unsure if I should dye to sell but that's how it goes, test & test again but hey, at least Laney likes it!

24 July, 2017

A skirt with a secret...

Don't faint of shock or anything but I actually made myself something (instead of something for kids). A  skirt but not just any skirt, this skirt has an actual hidden secret ........

17 July, 2017

an Organic dress for Laney

It's the middle of winter here in Australia and brrr, it's icy cold. So being cold means long sleeve dresses which of course Laney didn't have any, so that means I headed to the sewing machine!

15 July, 2017

A Fairy Crown

When you see something so cute, you just have to make it ....

10 July, 2017

A Making List

Things are getting a little chaotic for me, so it's time to review my current works in progress, look ahead to see what needs to be and start a 'Making Plan of Action'.

16 June, 2017

Art Caddy Tote

In an effort to stop a certain little 3year old from destroying her big brother's bedroom, I decided to make Laney her own Art Caddy Tote to store all her fun creative stuff in.  Gosh, she was so excited when I gave it to her!