16 October, 2017

Handy Fold-up Pouch

A very quick, easy project perfect for scrap busting!

14 September, 2017

Where to buy knit, jersey & stretch fabric in Australia

Stretchy fabric perfect for trousers, tops, dresses and even undies but where do you buy it in Australia? 
Ahh, I've solved that problem for you and listed below are stores stocking stretchy/knit fabric.

07 September, 2017

Oh look, a bear jumper!

I fell in love with this pattern the first time I saw it and when I knitted it up, the kids loved it too and I've been toying with the idea of grading it up to an adult size of me or for my hubby!

04 September, 2017

Yarn lovey stuff and something a little bit, well, icky.

It's just finished a long cold, dreary winter here in Australia, so I thought I'd do a quick yarnie catch-up before we fall into a fun-filled spring!

24 August, 2017

slim pencil case

A quick sew, scrap busting project for keeping bits & bobs in my knitting bag.

21 August, 2017

Knitting backpack

A new backpack sewn up just for me instead of for the kiddies, this one is going to be for my knitting or crochet projects.

07 August, 2017

A Quiet Play book

A fun sewing project straight from my sewing machine, a book for 'quiet time' to give me a few moments of peace every now and then!

03 August, 2017

$20 worth of love

It's winter here in Australia and gosh, it's chilly!

31 July, 2017

A winter cardigan for me

Apparently, I'm on a roll with making stuff for myself!  I've just finished this cardi and I LOVE it!

27 July, 2017

a sample knit for Laney

I was testing out some sample dyed yarn that I made, it was a 200gm ball - fun to dye with but very labour intensive in process.

I like how it knitted up but I'm still unsure if I should dye to sell but that's how it goes, test & test again but hey, at least Laney likes it!