18 December, 2014

Quick, I need your help!

I received this Advent Calendar in the mail last week, yes I know we are 'almost there' but I can still sew it up & make the place look pretty ...  and that way it's ready for next year too.  I just can't decide on the order of the days  .. random, up&down or sidetoside ... help! 

17 December, 2014

Taa daa: The Secret Stash

It twas the night before ... arghh no, to tell you the truth, it was 3 days before I had to put my secret santa pressie into the sack but what was I going to make?  Yep, it was my big idea that we had to make our secret santa pressies as it was for knitting group & well, the whole idea that we get together was to make stuff wasn't it?!   Then BAMMMM, an idea but would it work???

11 December, 2014

this & that

Hey ho!  How are you? Are you more ho than hey?  Are you already over the 'season'??
I'm not really focused on the Christmas bit yet, the advent calendar (above) is the only thing I've done/started for the house as it's bubba Joe's birthday next week and well, my focus has been on my lil boy and the fact that he is starting school next year!  Yep, my lil baby boy will be in kindergarten next year.. sob, how time has flown!

01 December, 2014

Catching up on my mood!

So, did you think that I'd forgotten about my crochet mood blanket?  Sometimes I had... sometimes I do a square or two and sometimes I catch up!

25 November, 2014

So... yet another on my sticks!

Hey! How are you? Whatchya doing right now or perhaps I should be asking is "what do you do at the end of the day, when it's couch time?"

24 November, 2014

Taa daa

Yay for me, I actually finished something quickly!

22 November, 2014

Taking Stock

Taking a break & taking stock for November.

21 November, 2014

People & planning

Have you thought ahead to next year? Do you use a planner, a diary or a calendar?
I started using a planner/diary this year for all things me and then I use a calendar (in the kitchen) for all things family.
I've been searching the internet trying to find the perfect planner to use in 2015 - I have a preference for spiral bound as I like the planner to lay flat. Do you have a preference, do you have any suggestions for me?

18 November, 2014

a little something for you...

Do you like these three festive fat quarters? Well, you could win them and yes, international entries are welcome!

17 November, 2014

18 years & a blanket

Would you believe that this year, my hubby & I celebrate 18yrs together!
Well, actually we didn't.
You see, apparently (according to him), it's no big deal.
Hmph, it didn't stop him from accepting his present though did it! 
What did I get?
 I waited patiently all day, in case he bought something home from work but nope, nothing. So the very next day, I jumped online & purchased some yarn for blanket that I've been wanting to make - a present to myself.