08 February, 2017

Laney's little bag

We often have bad cases of FOMO in our house, you know .. Fear Of Missing Out .. so when Joe got a new bag for school, I had to make sure Laney had something just as special.

06 February, 2017

All the pretty yarn

A quick post to show you that I received my (very pretty) yarn pack today for the Hygge CAL (more info here).
The yarn is so squishy and scrummy.  I got the yarn from here and it only took 2 weeks from the UK to Tasmania Australia
.. meanwhile, I'm still awaiting a parcel that I ordered 2.5 weeks ago from Perth, Western Australia!!

04 February, 2017

Wide Open Backpack

Ever stood in one space day after day wishing there was a better solution to what you were watching, I have. Every school day, I stood there and patiently waited whilst Joe struggled to shove his stuff into his (store bought) school back pack as the openings were never wide enough for his 5 year old self to cope with. So this year, when it came to buy Joe a new backpack, I wanted something that opened up big & wide and this is what he ended up with and yes, I made it!

02 February, 2017

Making for me #2017VAL

Yes, it's that time of year again where I think about making something just for me as it's almost time for the #2017Val.
What is a VAL?  It's a Valentine-Along where you make/buy/do something just for you!

19 January, 2017

Rabbit in a hat

My sweet lil 3 year old Laney loves magic, in fact she can't actually say magic so I'm forever hearing her say "maggot, maggot... taa daa" .. so I had to make her something special for her magic tricks.

11 January, 2017

A stunning crochet & cross-stitch CAL, join in!

image via source
Ok, so I've just spotted a piccie of a crochet-along (CAL) that is starting in February and wow, it's amazeballs! 
Not only is it stunning but it's for a wrap AND it combines a beautiful mix of crochet and embroidery/cross stitch AND has helpful videos along the way so you won't get stuck. 

03 January, 2017

My very first quilt

Here it is, a big moment for me ... my very first full size quilt!  Oh yeah, I'm super proud of myself and you just have to check it out ...but don't go looking for perfection though!!

31 December, 2016

Shruggy show off and some tips to make it.

I've just sewn in the ends for this shrug, my last finish for 2016.   A shrug for my Laney ...but she refuses to model it, not that I blame her as it is summer here!
I'm also adding a couple of tips on how to make this shrug as I found the pattern to be slightly confusing and wanted to help out others with these two handy tips.

26 December, 2016

tis the season to save!

Here in Australia, the big sales happen on Boxing day ... which is right now!  There are so many great deals on everything, including fabric, yarn and of course, patterns that I've listed the best of the best sales below. Note that this list will be constantly updated over the next couple of days when I come more sales to add!

18 December, 2016

My Gift To You!

As my gift to you this Christmas, you have the chance to win ANY pattern of YOUR choice on Ravelry.
Just head over to my group on Ravelry to enter.
Good luck!