30 April, 2012

Let sleeping babies sleep...

I've been having a tough time lately - nothing too drastic, but in my little world, it's been tough for me.
You see, bubba hasn't been napping. I've tried every trick in the book, I've even tossed him into the pram & pushed the ruddy thing for two hours and the little bugger still wouldn't sleep.  So I gave up. Yep, hate to admit this but I did.  BUT, in doing so, I was actually able to see something, I saw that things aren't that bad. Sure I don't get 2 hours to myself every lunch now but hey, he sleeps from 7pm to 7am every day plus on Sundays (for some reason) he sleeps in until 9am!  How can I complain about that!  
My solution is now to lay him on the sofa with Lionel his soft toy (made by his Nanna), I gently blow on his hair, this distracts him enough to settle down. I can then sit on the couch beside him  (cos he won't let me walk away). He may not sleep for 2hours anymore but I'll settle for 40mins of nap!  In these 40 minutes he gives me each day, I sit there & knit or crochet or even read - ahh, reading (yay!).
And let's face it, if he was tucked away in his cot, I'd miss taking photo's like the one above - how cute is that!!
I may miss my long 2 hour lunch breaks with equaled 'me' time but maybe in the future, it's something I can look forward to again.

Question:  Do you give yourself a lunch break if you mum all day at home or work from home? I mean a proper break with a lunch & a book etc?

Oh, by the way, the crochet behind his head wasn't done by me, it was crocheted by my hubby's Grandmother whilst she was in Aged Care, we have one on either side of our couch.

27 April, 2012

A progress update...

On the sticks...
On the hook...
Slowly does it, stitch by stitch, bit by bit, day by day.

25 April, 2012

Hooky update

Here's some progress shots of the stripey bag I'm making.
I'm enjoying the process, I like all the rows being different colours!

23 April, 2012

Introducing a new artist...

I've discovered a great new artist.
I adore the colours he chooses, 
the seemingly random strokes, 
the stories each piece tells.
Here he is, Joe, showing off his work in progress, a mural.
Ok, I'm a little bit biased maybe, I can't help it, I just love my boy!!

20 April, 2012

Look at what I'm doing!

I'm so proud of myself at the moment... look at me, I'm knitting a sock on 4 needles!
Yay!  How grown up of me!
I'm cheating though, I'm using 8ply yarn rather than the thinner sock yarn.  
The whole 4 needles things is a tricky thing to get used to, but I'm trying really really hard!   
Thanks for all your tips on the Magic Loop too, I want to try this traditional way first before I go all magic!!
Can you tell I'm puffing my chest out right now with pride!  Maybe just maybe I'll finish the sock this month or next and maybe just maybe... I'll even knit a pair!  Woot Woot!!!
...I've just realised that the pics are of the wrong side of the knitting,  knit it with the sock inside out, just seems easier that way for me.

18 April, 2012

On the hook

 I've started another crochet bag, this time I'm going blues & green stripes.
I'm making the pattern up as I go.... so fingers crossed it will work!

16 April, 2012

Taa daa

The Mustard colours bag is done.  
I love it, I think it looks fab!
What do you think?
Are you a mustard girl??
On Ravelry here...

13 April, 2012

Vote for me...

Vote for me...
People's Choice Award
...because a vote of me is, well, a vote for me!
Yay me!!!
Just click the button above, which will take you to the Sydney Writers' Centre website,
then click the VOTE HERE button,
click next, then scroll down to CraftyRie to select me,
then follow the prompts through to submit.
...please, pretty please & thankyou!!
Oh, and you don't have to be Australian to vote either!

My helper...

I have a helper, he's 15months old & he thinks he is the bees-knees when it comes to yarn.
It starts with stealing the ball...
Then it's a bit of play on the floor.
This is the result.
... ugh!

12 April, 2012

Taa daaa

I finished another crochet bag.
 This bag is a little different to the others, it has a smaller top.
I was thinking it would make a great book bag, embroidery/sewing bag or even lunch bag.
What do you think??
For more info, you can find it on Ravelry here...  

11 April, 2012

and no-one came...

Remember when I told you about the Crafty Mumma's group I was starting?
Well, today was the day, I sent out a reminder two days ago (like my knitting group does)... but no-one came. Disappointed is an understatement.  I had previously emailed the mums, they were all excited but they didn't bother to turn up or to let me know they couldn't make it.

Oh well.
I did tell my hubby when I was planning the Crafty Mumma's group that the worst thing that happens is that no-one was interested, I guess I was wrong, the worst thing that could & did happen was that no-one came.
Oh well ...at least I didn't bake a cake!!
So anyways, here, let me show you what I was working on whilst I was waiting.
Do you like the colours? I was in a mustard mood!

05 April, 2012

Lesson learnt...

Ok, quick update on a lesson I just learnt... of course I learnt it the hard way (as per usual).
When knitting socks, actually do as the pattern states and use 3, yes three, needles. Don't go all fancy schmancy and try to use a circular needle.
Well, unless you have legs the thickness of a fully grown tree trunk the circulars will be too big, you need the 3 needles to actually spread the knitting around to create the size of the sock/leg.
Ok. Lesson learnt, now onto find my set of 3 knitting needles.

Oh, and in case you are wondering, I'm actually using 8ply yarn, there was NO WAY on earth that I would ever attempt to knit a pair of socks using sock yarn, the yarn is just way too thin for me & I would never have ever finished them.  ..  Well saying that, I haven't even done one row on the socks yet cos I'm already distracted by writing this blog post!!

02 April, 2012


Found this shadow sitting next to me today...
Thought it looked pretty!
I keep meaning to get a shadow of bubba & I as we walk along holding hands... but I haven't managed to capture one yet!
Do you have any favourite Shadow photos?