11 April, 2012

and no-one came...

Remember when I told you about the Crafty Mumma's group I was starting?
Well, today was the day, I sent out a reminder two days ago (like my knitting group does)... but no-one came. Disappointed is an understatement.  I had previously emailed the mums, they were all excited but they didn't bother to turn up or to let me know they couldn't make it.

Oh well.
I did tell my hubby when I was planning the Crafty Mumma's group that the worst thing that happens is that no-one was interested, I guess I was wrong, the worst thing that could & did happen was that no-one came.
Oh well ...at least I didn't bake a cake!!
So anyways, here, let me show you what I was working on whilst I was waiting.
Do you like the colours? I was in a mustard mood!