11 April, 2012

and no-one came...

Remember when I told you about the Crafty Mumma's group I was starting?
Well, today was the day, I sent out a reminder two days ago (like my knitting group does)... but no-one came. Disappointed is an understatement.  I had previously emailed the mums, they were all excited but they didn't bother to turn up or to let me know they couldn't make it.

Oh well.
I did tell my hubby when I was planning the Crafty Mumma's group that the worst thing that happens is that no-one was interested, I guess I was wrong, the worst thing that could & did happen was that no-one came.
Oh well ...at least I didn't bake a cake!!
So anyways, here, let me show you what I was working on whilst I was waiting.
Do you like the colours? I was in a mustard mood!


  1. That just sucks!
    I love the oranges and yellows together. Very neat work too :)

  2. Oh no!
    That does suck.
    Thank goodness you had your crochet, the most reliable buddy of all.

  3. Oh no! No fair! I hate that! If you can't come, ok, but calling is the nice thing to do.

    This happened to me recently with a friend. We've been friends for three years, she called and arranged to come and meet Emerson. I cooked, cleaned and waited and she never showed. I sent her a text message and tried to call her but there was no answer. I haven't got any response. This was two weeks ago. Not sure what to do now!

    PS. Mustard is good good good in my books. :)

  4. What??? OMG... if you RSVP to something, the polite thing to do is let the host know if you can't make it!

  5. SUPER BAD!! how could u rsvp to something than not show than not offer a reason i know things happen but atleast offer a sms,phone call ,email?? to say sorry i didnt make it.

    I love your Crochet !!!

    Hugs and blessings

  6. Sucks ... and more. Ouch. If I lived in Tasmania I would be there in a flash with bells on. Really I would.

    I have a friend who is always late ... like by four or five hours... I remind, I re-iterate start time, I call on the day... and still she just rocks up with her kids when it suits her - no SMS etc etc. It does my head in. It doesn't take too much time to send an email or a text message to let someone know you can't make it or your late.

    This really really does suck. *hug*

  7. I am really sorry to hear that ... the least any of them could have done is let you know. It's interesting that so many of us knitters/crafters have a rich online community but rarely have in-flesh friends who share our passions. I recently met a blogger friend in Boston and it was wonderful but the sad part is that we are a three-hour drive away from one another. Heck, stick to your online/blogger friends -- I know it's not the same as sitting across the kitchen table but it's still pretty great.

  8. What a Shame..I'm sure you went to a lot of trouble to organize it too..
    Not Very Nice of Your Friends to not let you know..
    make you wonder if it's all worth it sometimes..
    your crocheting is lovely..
    cheer up

  9. oh that is such a shame. But look at that divine crochet in such happy, autumn colours!

  10. How awful for you. it's horrible sitting around waiting for people to show up. Very bad manners not to bother to let you know. Says more about them and not you. Your crotchet is gorgeous.

  11. If only all us bloggers lived around the corner from you - it would have been a full house!

  12. Oh no, I can't believe they didn't even let you know, how rude! I would have been there like a shot if I wasn't so far away. You did get some great crocheting done though.


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