20 April, 2012

Look at what I'm doing!

I'm so proud of myself at the moment... look at me, I'm knitting a sock on 4 needles!
Yay!  How grown up of me!
I'm cheating though, I'm using 8ply yarn rather than the thinner sock yarn.  
The whole 4 needles things is a tricky thing to get used to, but I'm trying really really hard!   
Thanks for all your tips on the Magic Loop too, I want to try this traditional way first before I go all magic!!
Can you tell I'm puffing my chest out right now with pride!  Maybe just maybe I'll finish the sock this month or next and maybe just maybe... I'll even knit a pair!  Woot Woot!!!
...I've just realised that the pics are of the wrong side of the knitting,  knit it with the sock inside out, just seems easier that way for me.


  1. Go you!!
    I'm still too intinidated to attempt a sock.
    One day.
    Have a fab weekend. x

  2. You're a braver man than me Gungadin! (I keep saying that and have O idea where it came from...or if anyone else says it!!)...I can NOT do socks...or anything else on lots of needles... I think I have a phobia of it now. Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my blog.. have a good weekend! Hugs, Jill x

  3. Still super clever if you ask me, thick or finer ply, gorgeous colour & fun project, love Posie

  4. Well done you, I am hopeless with 4 needles and round needles, can't wait to see the finished result :)


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