26 July, 2021

The best sewing tips


The best binding tip that I've come across for joining your binding seams on a quilt is with this. It just blew my mind at how simple it was and it's now my favourite way to bind a quilt or placemats (like in the above photo).

I love quilt as you go (QAYG) and there are lots of classes on it, my favourite one to learn how to actually do QAYG are this one as I love the projects. I also liked this class as it showed me very practical tips but my absolute favourite lesson to teach you how to join your QAYG pieces is this one. Yes, it's not an actual qayg class but the very last lesson in that class she joined the blocks so simply that I just had to share it with you! I also like this single finishing strip technique as well.

I also love scrap fabric projects, so when I watched this class, ohmygosh, it was life changing! Not only was it scrap fabric but QAYG too! 

Also, I need to recommend this class. Piecing has always kinda of scared me away but this teaches piecing AND improv pieceing. The session on improv piecing just ticked all the right boxes in my brain and I've actually been giving it a go!  If I was to buy a class to keep, it would certainly be this one. 

I also really enjoyed this class, the instructor, Joe, has done all the math for you, so you just need to choose fabrics, cut, sew & find a layout that you like best. He also shows you what to do if your sewn layout is looking a little wrong aka crazy! I really liked that he showed the process of making a quilt rather than showing you how to make something that just fits a particular design. I've actually watched the class a few times now as he has a lovely teaching style and is quite funny!

Now, this lesson had tips in it for not only sorting your stash BUT the most excellent tip for working with fabric that my brain just dinged at! Yes! I ran off to the cupboard and starting using her technique! I've actually rewatched this several times now as all the lessons are really inspiring and so easy! 

If you're cupboard is overflowing with too many precuts (like me!) then this class is perfect for you as it uses a jelly roll to make the easiest Dresden quilt and charm squares to make the cutest circle quilt (like life savers/donuts).

Sewing with knit fabric (stretchy fabric) is kind of tricky and I've been trying to master it for a few years. Now, I can sew stretch fabrics but I'm never happy with the finished projects as I don't like my seams ....until I completed this online class and baboom, everything clicked and I can just use my sewing machine & don't actually need to purchase special machine (like a coverstitch) to get that nice finish.

If necklines scare you when sewing t-shirts, then this class has some inspiring necklines that are easy! 

Now, this class had lots of tips but what really blew my mind was a simple one-liner tip that she gave in regards to using a stitch on my sewing machine that I've always tried to use & never been successful with, after hearing her tip, I actually feel now more confident in my sewing! There were also so excellent elastic sewing tips too for all types of elastic.

Ok, wow that's a lot of tips and I hope they help you as much as they helped me. Also, thanks for reading this far, whilst I've got you here, can you do me a favour and let me know in the comments below what platform you use to read my blog? Do you read it via email, Bloglovin, Feedly etc as I've noticed that my readers has tripled this year and I'm curious to find myself a new blog reader.

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