19 January, 2017

Rabbit in a hat

My sweet lil 3 year old Laney loves magic, in fact she can't actually say magic so I'm forever hearing her say "maggot, maggot... taa daa" .. so I had to make her something special for her magic tricks.

11 January, 2017

A stunning crochet & cross-stitch CAL, join in!

image via source
Ok, so I've just spotted a piccie of a crochet-along (CAL) that is starting in February and wow, it's amazeballs! 
Not only is it stunning but it's for a wrap AND it combines a beautiful mix of crochet and embroidery/cross stitch AND has helpful videos along the way so you won't get stuck. 

03 January, 2017

My very first quilt

Here it is, a big moment for me ... my very first full size quilt!  Oh yeah, I'm super proud of myself and you just have to check it out ...but don't go looking for perfection though!!