27 November, 2013

A couple of hats

Even though it's nearly summer down here (at the near bottom of the world), I've been whipping up some hats for baby Laney, or should I say Baby Sister or Oni, that's what bubba Joe calls Laney (he can't say L so Laney sounds like Oni when he says her name!).

25 November, 2013

A girl walks into a store.....

I went to the store the other day to buy buttons but this is what I bought home...

19 November, 2013

On the go - a confession

I'm about to admit to a little bit of a weird habit that I have, I hope I'm not alone in the world out there but anyway, deep breath, here goes.....
I love to start new projects. Wait, let me start that again, I LOVE to start new projects before finishing other things!
You see, I always want to be prepared, I just HAVE to be prepared - I mean, what if I want to crochet at midnight but don't want to concentrate on a pattern or what if I want to knit in the car or what if I want a challenge myself - I need to be prepared for all of these scenarios.

11 November, 2013


After a bought of moody blues bought on by the tiredness & the exhaustion of having a newborn baby and the hormonal fluctuations as you realise that you don't carry that baby safe & sound inside you anymore....  I went shopping online & bought myself some crafty books to cheer myself up!

Knit-And-Crochet Garden: Bring a Little Outside In: 36 Projects Inspired by Flowers, Butterflies, Birds and Bees
I chose this book, Knit-and-Crochet Garden: Bring a Little Outside Inbecause of the cover (yep, I buy books by their covers!), can't resist men knitting, crochet blankets & gardens!

07 November, 2013

An itty bitty hat

You know I had a baby right? An itty bitty baby right?