25 November, 2013

A girl walks into a store.....

I went to the store the other day to buy buttons but this is what I bought home...
starting to get into the Xmas groove.
couldn't resist these fat quarters!

maybe a festive tablecloth in the making?
I was thinking tiny crochet baubles

festive sausage dogs, how could I not buy them!

soft grey wool for my baby!
Oops!  I normally do this at the supermarket, you know, go in for bread & come out with a trolley of other groceries!  The truth is I actually would have stayed in there & bought more but geesh, it was so cold in the store I couldn't take it anymore!

You do this too right? (it's not just me is it?)
Where do you get your buttons from, do you have a favourite shop?

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