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Would you like to advertise on the CraftyRie blog? ....of course you do!

See below for advertising spaces that are currently available, prices start from $15 and of course, if you fancy something that is not there, please contact me via email and we can make an ad happen for you!

Top of the Lot - be visible!

The best of the best ads, be seen first. The ad would be right at the very top of the right hand column above my CraftyRie shop ad and above my Let's Connect buttons.
There will only be one space available at a time.

The ad can be a maximum of 250px wide & a maximum of 250px deep.
One month for $40 (for example 1st May to the 1st June) or two months for $60 (for example 1st May to 1st July).

Ads (on the right side)

These ad spaces can be up to 250px by 250px and are perfect for introducing new shops or blogs and for highlighting sales that you may have. Perhaps if you have a story you want to tell or need to promote an event, these spaces would be a great place to provide the ‘jumping’ spot into them.
The ads will be placed above the ‘Labels’ on the right hand side of the blog.

One month for $15 (for example 1st May to the 1st June) or two months for $25 (for example 1st May to 1st July).

Giveaways & Competitions

Do you have something (a product or service) that you want to Giveaway?
CraftyRie blog readers LOVE giveaways, they are always popular on the blog. Giveaways can include such things as (but not limited to) craft items, jewellery, software, holidays, household goods, gift vouchers etc.
All giveaways are held via Rafflecopter to ensure easy entry & easy winner selection. Unless stated, all giveaways are available to international entrants.
All giveaway prizes must be delivered/posted to the winners by you within an agreed timeframe.
Details such as duration of giveaway is generally 2 weeks but this is flexible along with the method of entries (generally leaving a blog comment for 1 entry, following a Facebook/Twitter page for additional entries etc).
Giveaways are promoted on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as well.
Giveway blog posts are generally $15 each, additional promotions via other social media are included in the price.

Would you like a Product Review?

Fab idea for new products or for those products that need a ‘boost’.
The product can be tested by me and all opinions will be my own. Please note that products must ‘fit’ within the CraftyRie blog whether it be yarn, software, household goods or perhaps something toddler/child related.
Please note that any items that are delivered to Rie for reviewing are non-returnable.

The review will be a blog post & followed up with social media interaction via Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.
Product reviews are normally $60 but this is negotiable as per the item that is being reviewed.

"Sponsored" Links or Blog Posts

Would you like a blogpost written that highlights your product/blog/brand? This is a great way to get you information out there without seeming too pushy!
These blogposts are never deleted, they don’t expire so they will always remain a part of and followed up with social media interaction via Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

These are $60 and the content/links are discussed thoroughly before posting.

Please feel free to contact me via email and we can discuss the options together to best suit your needs.
All payments will be via PayPal and prices are quoted in Australian Dollars.

Also, please note that all 'sponsored' content such as above will have this: ~~this post contains a sponsored link~~  at the bottom of each post.

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