26 February, 2014

A Raceway update

I was streaming away on my Raceway wrap, enjoying the 5 hours car trip because of all the knitting I got to do then.....

24 February, 2014

Recipe: 5 minute Bread

I bake bread.
I'm not a super organised person, nor do I have a big fancy kitchen or any fancy gadgets and I'm certainly no super-mum but I still find the 5 minutes each day to bake bread.
Yep, that's right, I said... 5 minutes.
How can I bake a fantastic loaf of bread with approx. 5 minutes preparation? ... see below for the super-duper easy recipe.
Firstly, the few tips to make bread making easier:
~ the dough can either be mixed & put in a warm spot and it's ready in about 1 hour OR mixed and left overnight. If leaving overnight, I pop it uncovered into the cold oven & shut the door (you could also put it in the fridge). If leaving for an hour (or two), cover the dough, either with a bowl cover or use a bowl with a lid (or you could use a bowl cover) & place in a warm spot in the sunshine or near the heater
~ no fancy equipment is needed
~ you can skip the salt in this recipe but trust me, the small amount used increases the flavour of the bread
~ this will make one loaf of bread or 8 smallish bread rolls or 4 pizza bases, the recipe can easily be double or tripled
~ for bread for sandwiches, I just oil a loaf tin,
~ for artisan bread, bread rolls or pizza bases, I oil a tray
~ I just use ordinary plain flour for this, not fancy bread flour, just the same flour that I use in cakes & biscuits
~ powdered yeast can be stored in the freezer, I keep the (yeast) container in the freezer all the time
~ I often substitute the water for vegetable juice, I have made beetroot bread, spinach bread, carrot bread - all totally yummy & just last night we had carrot/spinach pizza dough!
5 minute Bread  
(also makes bread rolls, fancy artisan bread & pizza bases)

500gm plain flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 tablespoon yeast
475ml lukewarm water

~Mix all together in a big bowl & put aside to rise. 
~ When ready to bake, the dough will have risen & look 'wet'.  Just use a scraper to scrape the dough from the sides of the bowl and scrape it into the prepared tin/tray.
Remember, you DO NOT knead this bread - trust me on this!

~ I then pop it into the oven, turn the oven onto 200 degrees Celsius and leave for 45 mins.
~ leave to cool & munch for lunch or dinner or breakfast!

Told you it was easy!
Now, go on, bake yourself, your family & friends some bread!


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This bright purple bread is Beetroot Bread!

19 February, 2014

Introduce yourself...

Hi! I'm Rie (actually Marie but Rie is way better!), this is my blog and I'm happy you are here reading it....but who are you? Are you a crafter or do you just like craft?  Are you here in Australia or someplace else in the world?  Do you drink tea or are you a coffee addict?  Come on, tell me.

This is me...

17 February, 2014

A very proud... Taa daa!

Look at what I made - I made both the baby & the dress!
I love how this dress turned out, even if the pattern was confusing & only came in a small 0-3 month old size (she is 5mths old!)

14 February, 2014

Starting the Raceway

1,2, 3 go... and the race is on (well, at snails pace anyway) to do the #RacewayKAL!
Above is the yarn that I've chosen, what do you think of the colours, I'm not that great at choosing colours to go together!

11 February, 2014

Trying something new is always scary!

Picture this:  I squee with delight over a new pattern, I buy the yarn, get others enthused to join in & knitalong with me ... and I sit down & read the pattern and (almost) want to give up  ... at.the.very.first.row.

07 February, 2014

adding 52 to 365

I'm a sucker for crochet, yes.I.am.
So to add to my 'workload' (yeah, crochet is work!), I've decided to not only do 365 squares for the Mood blanket (as seen here) but to also do an additional 52 squares,1 for every week. 

05 February, 2014

Is crap a bad word?!!

Hmm, thought I was clever didn't I. Thought I could get away without reading the pattern properly didn't I. 

03 February, 2014

A moody blanket

Ever wanted to track your moods throughout the year? I'm talking 365 days to track, sound good or bad?  Well, there is thing that started over on Instagram called the Crochet Mood Blanket 2014, it's where every day you crochet a square/piece for your blanket depending on your mood. Yep you heard me...Every.Single.Day. (or you could do 52 if you wanted, one for every week) Me, what did I choose..... 365 of course!