19 February, 2014

Introduce yourself...

Hi! I'm Rie (actually Marie but Rie is way better!), this is my blog and I'm happy you are here reading it....but who are you? Are you a crafter or do you just like craft?  Are you here in Australia or someplace else in the world?  Do you drink tea or are you a coffee addict?  Come on, tell me.

This is me...

The above photo was taken 5 months ago with my beautiful baby girl, Delaney on her first day home from the hospital.  I also have a 3yo son, Joseph, who is currently at the annoying question state of childhood "Who bought this", "Who made that", "What are the cows looking at", "Why are they doing that"  etc.
~ I also have a bloke in my life and in April, we'll be celebrating 18 years together!
~ I am a crocheter who likes to knit and tries to sew.
~ I can't arrange flowers or keep my house tidy.
~ I love cups of tea in fine china cups and am currently missing Melbourne because there is no-where down here that sells decent raspberry licorice bullets!
~ We moved down here (waves hello) near Hobart, Tasmania, Australia - so we are down here towards the bottom of the world!
~ I gave up my job in an office to become a stay-at-home-mum and have no plans to ever go back!
~ I have terrible, terrible handwriting.
~ I am trying to eat more healthy for the sake of my children - trying to set the best example for them.
~ I wish I didn't have to do housework so I could craft more.
~ Even though I have heaps of projects on the go, I am lusting over Arne & Carlos' blanket & want to start one! :
<a href="http://www.fishpond.com.au/product_info.php?ref=1768&id=9781782210474&affiliate_banner_id=1" target="_blank">Arne & Carlos Knit-and-crochet Garden: Bring a Little Outside In with 36 Projects Inspired by Flowers, Butterflies, Birds and Bees</a>
 So, it's your turn now!
Who are you? What is your name? Where are you from? Are you into crafts?


  1. Hi there Crafty Rie, I'm Mamie. I popped in here from One Crafty Mumma's. I'm excited to come across a new to me blog and can't wait to have a proper look through! I love making stuff anything crafty. Loving your knitting!

  2. Hi Mamie, I'm so glad to meet you! Do you have a blog?
    If you LOVE crafty blogs then check out the link on the left hand side to take you to the Crafty Blog Directory!

  3. Hiya! Waving at you from way up here in Hong Kong. Fellow Aussie but lived away for over a decade now. Crochet is my thing - dislike knitting as it's too easy to make a complete muddle. Coffee is my poison as is chocolate. I am a fan of all things craft but not very good at any of them!

  4. Hello to Hong Kong!
    I'm always so pleasantly surprised when I find I have blog readers from all over the world!
    AND, I often turn my knitting into a muddle - ugh but that's why I joined a knitting group, to keep me out of a muddle puddle!

  5. Hi I'm Dolly a grandmother from Boston,MA USA. I love crafting of all types. Most of my things I donate to the needy , battered woman's shelters, children's hospitable, veterans centers.

  6. Hi Dolly, it's a pleasure to meet you!
    I LOVE how you craft & donate your goodies - that way you'll never run out of reasons to craft!

  7. ...I'm from South Africa. I crochet and now and then I'll try something else, and I READ.
    I have a cappucino every day. It's a habit I'll have to wean myself off.
    A great hooky friend of mine is on her way to becom an almost neighbour of you...Launcestown (something like that?)
    I write very neat, when I feel like it. I do pole conditioning and it's making my arms and shoulders very strong. It also sent me to the physio :-(
    This year, I'll be hooking a Heritage Blanket, amongst many other...as the attention span is a bit short here...

  8. Hi Rie,
    I'm Kathrynn from California. I love knitting, crochet, needlework, sewing, and am a beginner quilter.
    I love coffee and chocolate. I am a geologist by education but a homemaker by desire. I also like to bake, mainly breads.

  9. And hello to South Africa!! Wow, I think there are more people 'international' reading my blog than from Australia!
    And yes, Launceston is kinda near me, we actually drove up there last weekend for a wedding, it's a 4hour drive (with kids).

  10. Hello Kathrynn from California! I'm a beginner quilter too, well I dream of making a quilt, bit too scared to cut up all that fabric (whenever I try it goes crooked) and I can't sew a straight line!
    A geologist - wow! I love fossils, does that count?!

  11. Ripe, of course fossils count. I am also a married to my best friend for 32 years and a grandmother to a beautiful girl.

  12. Hiya Rie! Waving from the other side of the world! I'm Stacey and I live in London with my Hubby and two daughters (Big Pip, who's 3 and so at that questioning age, drives me bonkers, love her to bits & Little Pip who's just turned 1, she's just discovered she can get up onto the sofa and cause havoc)!
    I'm a tea and crochet addict! I'd love to learn to knit and sew! I started the crochet mood blanket project over on Instagram (I'm known as @frofunky on there)!
    So nice to hear about you and thank you for letting me share! I'm new to this blogging stuff!
    I have a blog now frofunky.blogspot.com
    Stacey x

  13. Hello Stacey! I LOVE the mood blanket, thank you so much for starting it! - it's going to be a HUGE project, 365 days is a lot of squares!
    I agree with that 3yo thing... questions, questions, questions - bubba Joe is at that stage he asks things like "what are they doing" "who made this" "who bought this" "what are the cows looking at" arghhhhh!! Thanks for the link to you blog, going to check it out now!

  14. Wow, I haven't read your blog in a LOONG time!! You have a baby girl now? Last time I read, Bub was turning 1 or so. I'll be trying better to keep up.

  15. Ha ha, Yep, I'm a mother of two now - eeks!!!!!

  16. Hello from a fellow southern Tasmanian!
    I love your blog :)

  17. Hello from Nigeria!
    My name is Glenis and I'm very new to the blogging world. I love to crochet. I do knit too but I don't really like it too much. Kinda boring ��. I too am a stay at home mom. I love ❤ all things crafty. I have already listed my blog on your directory and added your button to my blog. I would love for you to come visit and may be give me some pointers too!



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