11 February, 2014

Trying something new is always scary!

Picture this:  I squee with delight over a new pattern, I buy the yarn, get others enthused to join in & knitalong with me ... and I sit down & read the pattern and (almost) want to give up  ... at.the.very.first.row.
Well, instead of the usual cast-on method it says that I need to do "Jennie's Magic Cast-on" !  What???  Huh? What is that? Why can't I just do a normal cast on? Hmph...
My mum, who is a seasoned knitter pretty much just laughs at me & says, yep she hates casting on like that. Oh.
But I've started a KAL, best that I figure this out because surely I'm not the only one panicking here ... am I?
Am I?
So I post a comment on the Wild Prairie Knit's (it is their pattern) & they were so helpful that I could actually kiss them right now!  I feel more confident & actually capable of doing it & they provided a second option on the cast on as well - to see the discussion, click here.
Anyways, here are the two options of the cast-on ....
Judy's Magic Cast-on   & the Turkish Cast-on - try them both & see what is best for you!
So I try them & try them over & over to no avail - just can't get it to work for me.
I end up doing what mum suggested, I crocheted 200 chain & cast on either side of that. Simple.
So.... how are you doing!?!


  1. Have you tried provisionally casting on by crocheting over a knitting needle? I found a decent tutorial here: http://www.stitchdiva.com/tutorials/knitting/provisional-cast-on

  2. My goodness... that all sounds really really complicated. I'm super impressed that you persisted. Well done you!


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