28 January, 2014

How about a knit-a-long?

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Would you like to pick up your knitting sticks with me & join along with an KAL (knit-a-long)?The project is for a very pretty wrap, not a cowl (I'm sick of every KAL either being a cowl, shawl or socks!) and it starts on Valentines Day. 
It may be an odd day to start but hey, I never get anything for Valentines Day (& yeah, I'm married!!), so this year I wanted to give myself a gift - a new knitting project!
The link to the pattern is here::   http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/raceway 

And, I have a special deal for the KAL - you can buy a yarn kit especially for the Raceway wrap here at Stunning String Studio & they have a special 10% off the kit just for you! Just click here to go to the shop & use the code: Gateway10  at the checkout. The offer is valid thru to the Feb 14, so get in & order your yarn kit now! 

Let me know if you want to join in & we can encourage each other along the way. 
If you have Instagram, use the hashtag #RacewayKAL on your piccies so we can see how we are going!


  1. I would love to get involved in this! Although I'm seriously concerned about the level of skill involved, I can knit ( mostly I've knitted scarves and a few booties) but have never used the cast on method or knitted in the round.. And I can never quite figure out where to place stitch markers. I am an avid crocheter but struggle deciphering knitting patterns.... The question is do I risk it and give it a go or sit this one out!?

  2. Awe, no Jess, don't skip this out - join in with me, the great thing about KAL's is that we are doing them together so we are all striking the hurdles together too - every time I knit something new, there are new things to learn!


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