13 January, 2014

Fabric stashing

I've been stocking up my fabric stash with some beaut vintage sheets and some cute quilting fabric.
This above lot is the retro sheeting from ebay - I think I need some more brighter colours, I seem to have gone overboard on the brown!
This pile contains some cute newspaper print, charm squares & some longer lengths.

These old curtains (below) my mum gave me, they used to be in her mother's kitchen window - not sure if I should cut them up or just wash them & hide them in case I ever get a window that size!

And then there are these lovelies!  They are precut hexies in vintage fabric & then some adorable liberty precut squares - I do love precuts!
So, (or should I say sew!) what do you have in your stash, have you updated or emptied it lately?  I have great plans for all of this, that hopefully turn out - I'm thinking pillowcases, tablecloths & skirts!  Have you seen some great skirt patterns on the web? If you have, could you please leave the link in the comments for me - thanks!


  1. Too much.

    2014 = use it or loose it!

  2. I have vintage sheets and a range of pillow cases, I don't think they have ever been used, trouble is I find it hard to cut into them to make some thing....some have been there for years..


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