31 May, 2012

Vest front

Ok, so I've been using NO pattern and it shows (!!!)... but I think I've finished the front of bubba Joe's vest.

It'll be HUGE on him, but at least when he wears it, I won't lose him in the crowd!! :)
BTW... I don't normally work with ends everywhere but I had a crazy notion that they would help me sew it up - but honestly, those loose ends are just driving me crazy!!

28 May, 2012


Drum roll please...
And the winners are:::::

Copy of the *bespoke* zine ... TLN

Birdie brooch...  Lucy  

Crocheted lady motif ... Elizabeth J.

Congratulations, I have sent you all an email for your postal details. Please note that if I do not hear back from you within 3 days, I will redraw a winner.

One sock

Yay for me, I've now finished one, yes 1 sock!!!!  
Now onto the second! 

24 May, 2012

Taa daa...

Yay, I finished the baby boots!

23 May, 2012


Hooking something up for a friend who is having a baby but arghh.....
I can't get it quite right, I've undone it three times now!   
Patience, patience, patience Rie, patience!!!

22 May, 2012

A new thing...

I've started another crochet project, I kinda got addicted to stripes whilst making that stripey bag.
So I sat there on the couch & thought to myself, should I crochet another bag... hmm...
Then Bazinger!!!!!!!!

20 May, 2012

SMS Giveaway (2 of 2)

Would you like to win this super cute bird brooch?
It's hand sewn by me, especially for the Sew Mama Sew giveaway!

SMS Giveaway (1 of 2)

Would you like to win this lovely Crinoline Lady?

17 May, 2012

On the hook

Trying something new.
  Well, ok, treble/dc stitches in a row aren't new... 

16 May, 2012

Stitching at the mo...

I'm in a makey & giveaway mood at the moment!
 So I've decided to sew a little brooch for the Sew Mama Sew MayDay giveaways...
Stay tuned for the giveaways...(coming up in less than a week!!)

15 May, 2012

On the hook

Had an idea whilst hooking another project, so I've dropped what I'm doing & am now fiddling around with a fancy schmancy pattern...
I decided to make it for the upcoming Sew Mama Sew MayDay giveaway!  
So stay tuned for the giveway......

14 May, 2012

Bubba's room - wall art

I finally decided on some wall art for bub's room!
Here is the before picture of his cot (boring huh!), the progress shot and the after shot!

10 May, 2012


You're chance to win a copy of *bespoke* zine - issue #6.
Awesome huh!   
To enter, just leave a comment below.
Maybe you could tell us where is your favourite place to read is...
is it on the couch, in bed, in the bath, in your garden etc.
Remember to also leave a way for me to contact you,
in case you win of course!

Entries close 21st May 2012.
Good luck!

Also, have you checked out the *bespoke* website, it's full of awesome ideas!

Fabric purchase

I splurged... I bought some fabric from ebay...
love the birds on this one....

08 May, 2012


 You know I'm knitting a pair of socks right?  Well, great news, I haven't given up!

07 May, 2012


I've just made myself a yummy Chai Latte,
shall I make one for you too??

04 May, 2012

In the post...

Look at this delightful package I received in the post the other day...
 A retro cannisters teatowel and 
a vintage ice coupon market bag, the bag is the perfect size, I've used it already & it fits heaps in it!
Thanks Yardage Design, they are just ace!  

Is Snow white??

I have to ask you for your help, you see, I need your opinion.
I purchased some fabric online, I bought a lovely colour called Snow - thinking that this would be a nice crisp white colour.
But no, they sent me a creamy/calico type colour and they are now telling me that it is the colour Snow & if I wanted white then I should have ordered a bleached white.
So tell me, look at the pic above, it is of the fabric they sent me.  It has been a gloomy couple of days here in Tasmania, so I haven't quite gotten the photo of what I wanted = you can't truly see how cream the fabric is, but I hope you get the idea.
And above is another pic of the 'snow' fabric & sitting on top of it is the Little Apples Jelly roll that I purchased at the same time. IN FACT, when I bought the little apples, I asked them if they could match a white to it that I could buy at the same time & they told me this would  .... Arghh, it doesn't because there is a BIG difference between cream & white! - it is white in the Little Apples & cream on the bottom which is supposed to be snow & matching the white on top.  Arghh again!

Item pictureThis is also the description of what I ordered & the picture of it as well.
Bella Solids Snow Jelly Roll - 40- 2.5 " Quilt Fabric Strips Moda

So tell me, this 'Snow' coloured fabric - is this what you would have pictured as the colour Snow?  I certainly don't.
It's certainly not white, it's certainly a cream colour.  If it is 'snow' coloured then it is the grubby, pee'd on snow, not the snow you make snowmen out of!

What do you think?
What should a colour called Snow look like?
What would you describe the colour of the fabric that I recieved?

I'm just so freaking annoyed, if you know what I mean.
I ordered the 'snow' fabric & also a grey fabric after I asked them for matching colours to the Little Apples jelly roll I purchased at the same time.  I wanted to open up the package as soon as it arrived, pull out my sewing machine & start my very first quilt.
But no, instead I am unhappy, this isn't Snow, it doesn't match the Little Apples fabric and they are telling me that they have done nothing wrong (those exact words) - which then made me really crabby.  All I wanted to do was sew a quilt dammit.

And they are telling me to post it back to them & they'll refund my money - are they freaking kidding me... it'll cost me over $15 to post it back (I have to pay for postage) & then they'll refund me $30 - that doesn't make fiscal sense to me at all. I'm just going to have to lump it I guess, which is totally peeving me off right now. (hence this blog post!!)
So to dump this on you, but I'd really love your opinion (even if it is telling me to lump it!!).

03 May, 2012

Taa daa!

 I've done it!
I've finished it!
I made the pattern up as I went along.
Chose the colours as I went along.
Great way to use up some of those odd balls of yarn I've been collecting over the years!
Yay for me!
(yep, I'm ultra proud of myself!!!)
On Ravelry here...

02 May, 2012

Web find

Tilly's Journey - 5 cards with envelopes, Chick, ocean, sea, teacup Fiddlehead - cat art, cat watercolor Showgirl- bird notecards Tiny - bird art, nature, watercolor Dirty Elephant Archival Print The Bear Archival Print Tea and Cake Archival Print
Lunch Break- Rabbit Art, children, decor, nursery, easter Edgar- Rabbit Art 
images via source
Look at this Etsy store that I just stumbled across!!
The shop is called Amber Alexander and the designs are superb!!
Go to Etsy now & make them a favourite - I have!
this post contain affiliate links

01 May, 2012


Making eyelets... almost finished the bag now!