08 May, 2012


 You know I'm knitting a pair of socks right?  Well, great news, I haven't given up!

Look how long it's getting!
It's almost at the bit where I shape the toe!
And as I was showing my hubby last night, he reminded me that I will in fact have to make another one so I have a pair - I know, I know, I said, unless of course, I cut my leg off... but that is a drastic measure, I'm sure I can manage two socks to make a pair!


  1. Are you knitting a tubular sock as I didnt see the heel part at all. You seem to be doing really well on the dpns too. You will be knitting up socks so quickly!

  2. Yeah a tube sock, no shaping except for the toe - I don't want anything too challenging, especially when I'm trying to NOT stick myself with the 4 knitting needles! (I keep poking myself in the boob with them!!)

  3. Yay for a nearly finished sock, it looks great! Just don't develop second sock syndrome!

  4. I am watching your progress with interest as I have lots of sock patterns but I still haven't had the courage to start knitting a pair yet. Sock patterns all look soooo complicated even in sock making books for beginners :)

  5. Wow, you are so brave knitting socks!

  6. ha ha ha.. if you don't get around to making another sock... you could always turn the lonely sock into a sock puppet :)

  7. I got such a great sense of acheivement the time I knitted my one and only pair of socks! Go you.

  8. That's a labour of love if ever i saw one! You could always make the world's most complicated sock puppet?? x


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