14 September, 2017

Where to buy knit, jersey & stretch fabric in Australia

Stretchy fabric perfect for trousers, tops, dresses and even undies but where do you buy it in Australia? 
Ahh, I've solved that problem for you and listed below are stores stocking stretchy/knit fabric.

Starting in no particular order...

Keep scrolling down for International fabric stores.

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the best places to source knit fabric online

Some great International options too:

If you know of any more, please let me know in the comments below!

You may also be interested in this "how to sew with knit fabric" guide.

A quick personal note:
Yes, there are lots of groups on Facebook that sell fabric but personally I prefer an actual store site to shop at, that's why there are no fb fabric groups listed above but feel free to add any that you use/love in the comments below.
Also, please remember that there are many FB groups that sell 'custom' fabric but they break the copyright laws. So that perfect Harry Potter fabric or Mickey Mouse fabric that you see is probably not licenced and you are supporting something that is in fact illegal.

I utilise affiliate links throughout my blog as a way to help me keep crafting. If you click on an aff link, I receive a very small amount from it at NO cost to you.   So please help me to keep CraftyRie up and running by clicking on my aff links! Many thanks, Rie


  1. What an awesome list! Thanks for putting it together rie!

    I have dreams of making some bubba clothes, so will definitely be coming back here when I have a need for knits! Xo

  2. It was a fun list to make Nicole, I discovered so many 'new to me' fabric shops!

  3. At Fabric Trove :) https://fabrictrove.com.au


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