07 September, 2017

Oh look, a bear jumper!

I fell in love with this pattern the first time I saw it and when I knitted it up, the kids loved it too and I've been toying with the idea of grading it up to an adult size of me or for my hubby!
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See how cute it is, it's got a peek-aboo bear for the pocket!
..those ears and the cute little nose!
Check out how gorgeous my Joe looks in his new teddy jumper -- super cute ..or am I bias??

Ok, so the bear jumper is cute BUT .. the pattern well, it needs to be tech-edited & tested because there were so many things wrong with this pattern!  For example:
~ the gauge is totally wrong on the pattern, it states that gauge is an unachievable 22st and 29rows = 4 rows in Stockinette -- four rows, huh??
~  did you see the neckline, how wide it was? Then why the heck do we need a button tab & closure on it?  Also, although the pattern tells you how to make the (pointless) button tab, it actually neglects to tell you to sew one at the finish of the garment.
~ confusing wording all throughout the pattern
~ no actual stitch guide or diagram for embroidering the bear face 
~ then there is the hideous choice of casting off for the pocket, seriously, this is so stupid, see the horrid seam below that I have on the inside of the jumper - why the heck didn't we just add stitch markers to indicate where to work the pocket? This part of the pattern makes your hand-knitted jumper look utter crap and very in-professional.

So yes, the pattern was poorly written but the result was lovely - weird huh!  
Will I make this jumper again?  Total yes, for Laney at least ..and of course, I'd somehow have to make her a yellow jumper using this yarn as that's the only colour that she likes at the moment!


  1. I love that pattern and have it in my library but after what you have written perhaps I might wait to knit it up. Perhaps you can contact the designer and ask her to update it. Your son looks totally adorable in it too.

  2. Hi Sue! You should totally knit the jumper up because it's totally cute and the kids love it! Just make sure to read thru all the notes on project pages on Ravelry - wish I had done this before hand!

  3. i've never been so miserable with a pattern/project before! what a shame. i can't even figure out these sleeve notes. lol. your post on ravelry brought some levity and made me feel i wasn't completely alone in my misery. thanks.

    1. Oh No! I honestly can't believe that I paid for such a crappy pattern but the end result is super cute so I guess I was ok with it in the end ..just grit your teeth & work thru it but go with your gut if you find the pattern confusing, trust your instinct!


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