19 January, 2016

Remaking makey plans

So it's been a week since I started a semi-basic plan for making things for this year and already I've had to tip it on it's head!

15 January, 2016

Success ..in a way!

I did it, I did it & did a little dance!  
So? I hear you ask, you made something - big whoopee for you.

11 January, 2016

Making makey plans

In the words of my 2yo daughter "I makey" but whenever I say it, it never sounds cute like when she does! So thinking of things that I want to makey this year has given me a little spark to finish current projects so I can 'move on'.

08 January, 2016

Sewing bits into blocks

Finally, I can start to see the mystery quilt come together.

05 January, 2016

Is it .. sew so or so sew?

I've been catching up on my sewing for the Mystery Sew-along that I've been participating in and phew, I what a task but it's been worth it!

04 January, 2016

An awesome squid... and... I did something terrible, so please forgive me.

A squid & forgiveness all wrapped up into one blog post!