05 January, 2016

Is it .. sew so or so sew?

I've been catching up on my sewing for the Mystery Sew-along that I've been participating in and phew, I what a task but it's been worth it!

Part 11
..busy on busy but I'm ok with that, I thought with some good quilting it would make the flower appliques really stand out.

Part 12
..oops, I made a mistake!  I had to change the shape of the pattern because when I sat down at night to sew, I realised that I hadn't prepared enough pieces and rather than putting it down (& losing interest), I decided to adapt it to a new shape... does it look ok?
Part 13
Honeycombs flowers.

Part 14
Leaves or vine.

Part 15
Clamshells. Ugh. I hated doing them until about the last two then I figured out how to do them an easier way!

Part 16
I had actually forgot to print this part until yesterday.  It's just boring squares, nothing fancy.

Part 17
Honeycombs & squares. I made lots of mistakes whilst putting this together, I guess my attention span is short!

Part 18
Long skinny strip using pentagons.

Part 19
A weird looking flower with droopy petals!

Part 20
Diamonds but weirdly we had to put this to the side of the fabric (offset from the centre) with no explanation why.. I almost didn't because it seemed odd at the time.

Part 21
More clamshells but this time I was more confident and actually enjoyed putting these ones together.

Part 22 & Part 23 currently sitting next to my chair to be cut, tacked & sewn.
Part 24 done but it was boring rectangles again.

Next update should be more interesting as I should be starting to put the blocks together -- a good way to see if the mystery aspect of the quilt-along works and see if the colours all go together nicely!

More updates are here, here & here.

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