04 January, 2016

An awesome squid... and... I did something terrible, so please forgive me.

A squid & forgiveness all wrapped up into one blog post!

Did you know that I did something awful, something so unforgiveable that I have actually been 'unfriended' by someone on Facebook.   Yes, it's true but before we get to all that how about a squid and not just any squid either!
Yes, a squid! 
I noticed one day that my son was playing with a (knitted) carrot, when I asked him what he was playing, he held it upside down & told me it was a squid!  So that of course, gave me the idea to make him a squid. So I did. He was given it for Christmas and he adores it, it goes to bed with him every night.
I have to admit, I kinda love the little fella myself, he was a b**ch to crochet but now that he is made, I can tell you that he was well worth the effort!

...and then this happened.

We gave gifts for Christmas, as we do every year but this year was different... people suddenly verbally attacked us for giving gifts.
Yes, that's right. We gave gifts and suddenly we were in the wrong?

So here is a brief summary of what happened.

I was called inconsiderate because I wrote Mr & Mrs [surname] on an envelope.
...wait, did you read that right? Yes, I said I wrote a name on an ENVELOPE.
Boom, I'm inconsiderate.
You may like to know that the inside of the card was personalised, all I did was write the name on the outside of the envelope. Also, this envelope did in fact get stuck to a present but it wasn't intended as a gift tag, it just got stuck there so it didn't fall off in the box.

Bloody Boring Gift.
Apparently, it is now ok to refer to a gift received as a (and I quote) "a bloody boring" gift.
In fact, this gift was chosen because we thought it was beautiful, stylish and made by a friend but ok, you didn't think so.

This one is the killer. On top of everything else that happened, you know the fact that I am inconsiderate, I'm now uncaring?
I give gifts & I'm uncaring?
Would you like to know why? 
We gave the gift of giving, meaning that we bought gifts that help others. It's a bit like 'buying a goat or clean drinking water' through organisations like World Vision or Plan. Instead we chose to buy gift cards for KIVA so they (the gift recipients) can then choose to help others throughout the world by choosing loans to sponsor. (read all about KIVA here).
Apparently, by giving a gift that helps others, that makes me UNCARING to the gift recipient (of the gift card). Apparently, and I quote "How on earth is a donation to someone else a gift for our family? You can explain to my kids why you didn't bother to think about them."
I'm speechless at that. Honestly, we thought that their kids would have fun choosing different people to lend loans too.

Note.. we replaced ALL gifts given this Christmas.

So, here is my apology to EVERYONE. I am so very sorry.
I am.
I am so very, very sorry.

So that is what has been happening to me and then in the middle of all this saga, my friend dies and I can't go to a Memorial Service for him to mourn his loss because this has been consuming me. 

In any case, let's go back to the squid because the squid (in my opinion & Joe's too).. is AWESOME!


  1. I'm so sorry you've had such an awful Christmas! Different people react differently to different things. Some people have expectations and forget the true meaning of Christmas. I spent six months making handmade gifts. I then sat there on Christmas day while they made one nasty comment after another. From then on I made the decision to just give the "usual" presents to them and not give them a gift with thought and love. It's their loss nit mine. Just think that you are the better person and they aren't worth the worry. I must admit with kids there is an expectation that is passed onto them that they will get toys. I am guilty of it.

  2. Wow! I would love for my kids/me to get a gift that is for a community in need.
    We could get a bulk deal on a book explaining basic manners, etiquette and gratitude for all of these people.

    1. Can I get in on that book deal? Boy, there are some ingrates out there!

  3. I don't give Christmas gifts except to my children. I make snowflakes for other members of my family. That's it. Christmas is to celebrate Christ's birth, anyway.

    One Christmas we prepared boxes for Operation Christmas Child and I told my kids that was their present and they were all right with receiving small gifts that year. They helped with everything, choosing, packing the boxes, labeling, the whole thing. It was wonderful. Sorry this marred your Christmas celebration, but you can choose to not dwell on it now that you expressed it out of your mind (if that makes any sense).

  4. Oh, you poor thing! Gift giving can be so difficult - there's so much thinking involved but I get you because apparently I either get it incredibly right or incredibly wrong. My (now estranged for other reasons) sister's children are ones I apparently constantly got really wrong! (One Christmas we were struggling to put food on our table, so yes the presents came from cheapie shops, but it was truly all we could afford at the time.) AND apparently I, too, am UNCARING, because I gave a Kiva Card to my one and only daughter for Christmas. I really hoped she would enjoy choosing who to lend the money to and to feel good (I THINK she got the concept though, unlike your recipient).

    But I feel your pain, as that stuff just hurts.

    And you are 100% accurate - your squid IS awesome!


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