19 January, 2016

Remaking makey plans

So it's been a week since I started a semi-basic plan for making things for this year and already I've had to tip it on it's head!
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I picked up my shawl yesterday and actually sighed... yep, I'm over it but I'm determined to NOT put it away unfinished, I have been intensely knitting to try and finish it and yes, I'm almost there!  Yay!
So with the finish line in sight, what next? I was going to knit another shawl straight away but I need a break from a big project and it coincides with two delightful announcements this week. Yes, two friends are having babies! Yay for baby knits!  Baby knits are awesome because they are very small projects & if I choose correctly, they should be easy to whip up.
I've been perusing Ravelry and a couple of quick crochet tops should suit the bill just nicely then maybe a little cardigan. I'll plan on a blanket maybe, as one of the announcements comes from a super awesome friend who looks after me more than my own family - she visited me in hospital when I had Delaney, she knocked on my door a week after Delaney was born carrying a home-cooked roast chicken with all the vegies. She also knocked on my door a week or so later with a cake etc etc. So, I want to return the love and show it crafty wise in return!

I can't forget about my quilt that I'm still handstitching, I need to do an online class to learn how to quilt it on my sewing machine....anyone want to amuse my kiddies for the day so I can do this? :)

I also want to continue my Valentines Day tradition and make something for me, just for me for Valentines Day but I can't figure that one out yet until I've finished this ruddy shawl!

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  1. I love baby knitting - check out Joeli's Kitchen, she has some fab patterns :)


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