24 April, 2017

fold & go

A cute little bowl that folds flat for easy use.
I only made the small size but isn't it just the cutest thing!
I plan to make some bigger with waxed fabric (or vinyl) because they'll be perfect for picnics!

Also, they are super easy to make and don't take much fabric or time, so go ahead and make a couple for yourself too!  Get the pattern here.

18 April, 2017

...it's bigger on the inside...

So what do you do when you discover your six year old, who is in grade 1, is the only kid in his class without a pencil case (because he never told you he needed one)??  You make him one of course! 

07 April, 2017

a bunny dress for my Laney

I'm super proud to show you one of the dresses that made recently and with Easter so close, I though it was the perfect time for it!
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Initially, I wasn't really happy about the colours choices that I made for me dress but now that she has worn it a few times, it really works.
Well, to be honest .. she has worn it heaps and I'm glad I chose a hard working yarn for it as it washes well and holds it shape.
I'm super glad to say that I made the dress, give the pattern a go as it's well written pattern and the dress fits really well on a constantly moving child.

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