18 April, 2017

...it's bigger on the inside...

So what do you do when you discover your six year old, who is in grade 1, is the only kid in his class without a pencil case (because he never told you he needed one)??  You make him one of course! 

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Yes, I could have just popped into the local department store and bought a funky one like the other kids but what is the fun in that, especially when you tell that 6yo that you have some Tardis fabric in your cupboard.  "Yes please Mumma" comes the excited response as he happily sits beside me to search the internet for the perfect pencil case sewing pattern. 

I think he chose well, this pattern (the Annex Double Zip Box pouch) whilst being a small size pencil case is handy as it has 2 separate compartments to it so he can put his colour pencils in one side and writing pencil & eraser in the other.

He also sat down with me and combed through my pile of beads and made himself a turtle zipper pull & a purple beaded zipper pull.

Also, this is my entry into the Sew Sweetness bag & accessory competition and because I've been making bags for a year now, I can enter the newbie draw as well!   ...I just hope I don't win the sewing machine as I like the one I have!! 
You can enter the competition too, it closes April 30, just make any pattern of theirs and use the hashtags on Instagram:  #sewsweetnesscontest and #sewsweetnesspattern 
There is also 20% off their patterns using code: contest


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