07 April, 2017

a bunny dress for my Laney

I'm super proud to show you one of the dresses that made recently and with Easter so close, I though it was the perfect time for it!
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Initially, I wasn't really happy about the colours choices that I made for me dress but now that she has worn it a few times, it really works.
Well, to be honest .. she has worn it heaps and I'm glad I chose a hard working yarn for it as it washes well and holds it shape.
I'm super glad to say that I made the dress, give the pattern a go as it's well written pattern and the dress fits really well on a constantly moving child.

New Tools from The Hook Nook. An assortment of Hook Nook tools and hooks on a blue background


  1. It is beautiful, I am jealous of your talent! She looks so cute!

    1. Thanks Lisa, I think she's a cutie too!

  2. Looks gorgeous, Rie! :D

  3. Too cute! I think it's fabulous! Wish I had that age again to wear that kind of dresses :-)
    PS: You've got such a pretty daughter, she's a real model :-)
    Have a nice day, Sigrid

    1. Lol, I agree with you there - I'd love to wear dresses like that as an adult!


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