24 June, 2010

Unknown tool

I found this in my sewing box. 
I know I bought it for a reason many years ago... but what the 'duck' is it?? 
I can't remember what it is or what it does... HELP!

20 June, 2010

On the hook....

So, today I felt like crocheting, but didn't want to pick up where I left off (of course!). 
So I started something new, I decided I wanted to use green cotton and then decided to crochet a business card holder. But then why do I need another card holder.  Hmm, what to do. Then inspiration hit.... I'll crochet a green square and submit it to the Envelope Project from Meet Me At Mikes blog.
So yep, I've submitted a green crochet square then cut out some adjoining paper dolls (recycled from an old envelope).
So, they'll be in the post tomorrow Pip!
Oh and by the way, for the first time in the history of Rie's crocheting.... I actually blocked the piece. - it had to happen eventually!

19 June, 2010

Nature's patterns

Ever stopped and admired Nature's patterns?

The rain drops on a window
a giraffe's skin
or even a zebra's skin.

What is your favourite Nature pattern?

14 June, 2010

Having a peeling good time!

So yes, I'm still soaking stamps and am having a peeling good time doing it too - ha and yes, that's was an attempt at humour!

So it's soak, peel, dry and then knock over the table that has them on - sending them all to the floor! Then swear, delay picking them up off the floor then accidently forget about them & open a window and yes, then swear again cos you have realised that they are now everywhere - and sticking everywhere cos they are still wet!

10 June, 2010

My Creative Space

Today I am busy 'recycling' but I've never really thought of it as recycling as such - just using what was at hand without creating waste or spending unnecessary money.
As a child I remember collecting all the old stamps, soaking them and popping them into my stamp album - in fact, I remember that you used to be able to go to KMart and buy a pack of used stamps!  But not anymore, I have collected these from work (we get lots and lots of mail) and bought them home.  And yes, I did have to field those questions from my co-workers of ..... 'why are you ripping the stamps off the envelopes' and yes, they just sort of looked at me dumbly when I explained that I wanted to use them to decorate a table!  
So, today I'm soaking stamps. Fun!
Have you joined in with Kootoyoo's Creative Space?

06 June, 2010

Craft Markets

On the weekend, I went to my favourite Craft Market - the Hawthorn Craft Market. I love this market as I love the fact that everything is handmade from skipping ropes to cookies to cloth nappies.  The market is the first Sunday of each month, on Hawthorn Town Hall, Burwood Rd, Hawthorn.
I needed a heat pack and the only place I wanted to buy one was from a craft market. 
And yep, I was right, I picked up the perfect heat pack (stuffed with wheat and lavender) for only $12.50 - BARGAIN!
What's your favourite market & why?

05 June, 2010

Right here, Right now...

Here in Melbourne, right now it is raining. A perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon, listening to the rain. The rain is so lovely - I'm too distracted by it to do anything productive, I'm just curled up on the couch listening to the rain.

What are you doing right now?

03 June, 2010

You may have already figured this out already, but...

I yearned for fabric and was teased with a sale. I caved in and purchased the cutest fabric of all time!
Also, I couldn't resist a couple of the tote bags!
I purchased them via pocketcarnival