30 September, 2011

Don't you just love...

Ahhh, the feeling of happiness with a new ball of yarn.


In the post

I recently participated in a fabric swap.. check out the new additions to my stash.
As well as this awesome tea towel!!

29 September, 2011

To the manor born.. or not?

Have a few million dollars stashed in your sock drawers??  
Fancy updating your digs?

Check out the real estate below for sale!!
Louisiana, United States, over $US12m

Arizona, USA, just under $US13m

Bahamas, $US25m

Albany, Western Australia, $AU30m
- yep, Australia!! - 

Belgium, $EU25m

New York USA, $US13m

Italy, $EU9.5m

France, over $EU15m

Which one do you want??

Yes, I've started another project... before finishing the last one!!

I can't help it. I love to start projects.. I love squeezing out the idea and seeing how it looks.
BUT... no, I haven't finished the last couple of projects that I started...
So that still means I have an unfinished shawl, unfinished lil squares blanket, unfinished... oh the list is too long to think about!!

More creative people over here.. and maybe they actually finish their projects!!

28 September, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Waiting.

27 September, 2011

A Stay At Home Mum (with a Crafty Blog)

Can you help me? 
I hope so, I need your advice.
You see, I feel a little lost.
Well, actually, is lost the word?
Maybe it's lost or perhaps shocked or dithering even?
You see, after nearly 20 years in the work force, I'm now a Stay At Home Mum (with a Crafty blog).
And well, it's really hard to adapt to this new life.
It's not that I don't love spending time with Bubba, cos I really do, I adore it, it's the best job in the world.
But, every time I look in the mirror I see working office girl Rie not Mumma Rie.

Does that make sense? Maybe not.  It's hard to explain.

I don't have to go back to work. I have no desire to go back to work. I don't miss work.  Most new mums that I know have gone back to work - does that mean I should too? Is bubba missing out because he's not in daycare like the other kids?
And, I just don't feel the whole process of motherhood as a career has adopted me!

Well, it's not like I had a job interview for this motherhood job, nor did I have any training, nor are there any manuals and no, there is no 3 month trial period. 
This motherhood job is for life. 
Which is cool, it's great & wonderful & I look forward to everyday with bubba as I watch him grow & learn. 
But... how do I step away from working office Rie?
I've tried to explain it to a few people but they don't seem to understand. They seem to think that I'm over-reacting or that I should just go back to work a few days a week or that I have Post Natal Depression.
I'm not, I don't want too & I don't have PND.
So I decided, yes, I made a decision. If my main problem was that I don't look like a mum (well to me anyway).... then I should change the way I look.  And the easiest way to do this is to chop off my hair!  My hair is mid-way down my back & has been for years & years & years... so I'll chop it off short.  
Eeek..... everybody said - that's over-reacting. Nope, I told them, if it doesn't work the hair will grow back & I'll try something else.  So I did, I had it all chopped off. AND....it's been a few days now & I feel great! I think it worked!!!  And I love waking up with crazy bed hair, it's hilarious!!!
So here they are... long hair office girl Rie & short hair Stay at Home Mumma (with a Crafty blog).

Whatchya think?
Did I over-react? 
Are you a Stay at Home Mum?  How did you adjust to motherhood as a full time career?
.... and... do I sound nuts?

26 September, 2011

Paper bricks

Do you use or have you heard of paper bricks?
It's where you recycle your old paper & make paper bricks for your fire.
So... I shredded up all our old bills and stuff.
And soaked them in water for a few days. 
I then filled the paper brick mold thingy.
I then squished it down to compress the paper 
and turned it out onto a cake rack to dry.
Once dry, toss it onto the fire....
And voila, something to warm your tootsies with!

21 September, 2011

Tea and Crochet

18 September, 2011

Book find: The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt

The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt: 55 Letters and the 111 Blocks They Inspired I bought myself a treat!
This book is so sweet and awesome and inspiring... I just had to buy it.
There are page after page of beautiful quilt blocks along with correspondence from mothers from the 1920s telling us whether they would want their daughter to marry a farmer. How sweet!!!
Each block is broken down into the pieces it is made up of - so easy, so inspiring.
Have you seen this book?
Have you made anything from it?
Does it inspire you to make the quilt?

Want to buy the book too? I purchased mine from here....

16 September, 2011

...in case I don't return....

I'm off to find my sewing machine.
I remember packing it up & watching it go into the removalist's truck.
I remember the removalists unpacking the truck & bringing it inside.
Now... where is the darned thing!
... I think it may be hiding cos sometimes we don't like each other, sometimes we argue, sometimes 'things' are said ........
So in case I don't return, in case all the packing boxes fall on top of me, please let my Mr know that I was last seen heading into the spare room in search of the Janome!

Web find: Need inspiration... Kaffe Fassett Studio


Need colour in your life?  
Try perusing Kaffe Fassett's website.. it's awesome!

There's fabric, knitting, mosaics, tapestry & way more!  
kaffe-sampler-jacket1.jpg stack-of-striped-bowls.jpg


14 September, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Measuring up?

13 September, 2011


Haven't been doing much creative wise lately... feeling very lazy indeed!
Other people have been crafty & they are here...
But below is a giveaway just for you!
Because everyone loved this Kangaroo Xmas fabric.
And because I loved this Roo fabric too.
And because I'm a sweetie.... !!
I'm giving away 2,
(yes two!!!)
fat quarters of this cute Kangaroo Xmas fabric.
One Roo will go to someone in Australia, the other Roo will go to someone internationally.
So yes, ENTER!
It's so, so easy to enter..
all you have to do is leave a comment below
stating whether you live in Australia or Internationally.
Easy Peasy!

Good luck!
Giveway closes 8th October 2011
& remember to include a way for me to contact you in your comment!


12 September, 2011

Book find: Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders

I always wonder what you can make with just one ball of wool....
So I found something to help me figure this out!
Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders
This book, of course has lots of patterns for a multiple array of socks but it also has gloves, scarves, tops, kid stuff, bags, lampshades, curtains etc etc - there was way more than what I expected!

If you want to purchase it online too, I found my copy here... Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders

11 September, 2011

Sunshine in the mail

Look at the lovely package I received as part of the Sunshine in the Mail swap
organised by Seaweed and Raine.
My piece of sunshine was by Dash Robin.  

Thanks for the sunshine!

10 September, 2011

Fabric purchases

I know, I know, more fabric... but this fabric was cute. 
So... anyone know where I put my sewing machine??

On my wish list...

I think you may fall in love with these too...
Newlin Chesterfield   Howell Wingback, Linen

Blackjack Chair  Dragon Chair

Corrigan Chair, Linen  Splayer Chair

Astrid Chair, Posy  Rhys Ottoman

OK, that's it. I'm stopping there - my list was getting way to long!