06 September, 2011

On the road

Do you craft in the car?
I've just started too due to long 3-4 hour trips on the weekends recently.
And that's a 3-4 hour drive one way.
It's a long drive.  
And I like being a passenger but those long trips were getting to me,
so I put my knitting in the car.. and voila ... time flew!
And I've found a great place to put the yarn!


  1. Yes, I once crocheted half a shawl on a six hour drive home from camping. It does help pass the time and make you feel like you've accomplished something. However I need to take little breaks from it or I get car sick. :)

    PS. What are you making?

  2. Yep - I car craft all the time... and there have been times that I do a bit at the red lights when I'm the driver! Now that's a little bit naughty.

  3. That's a great yarn - what is it?


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