02 September, 2011

Spring has Sprung!

Daffodils all around us.
But then remember that I haven't unpacked the vases.
Dig around in the kitchen cupboards for something to use.
A little teapot.
See my handle,
See my spout!


  1. how nice, we are just about to enter autumn - but i must remember that each season has its joys, instead of being jealous of you;)

  2. you must be on the other side of the world, compared to my country:) we have daffodils in March - April- May... LOL...

    Just a little tip. rinse your teapot very well (with some salted water and or soap) after the daffodils are gone... daffodils have some kind of "bleeding" which can be poisionous....

  3. so strange to see as we head into fall. :)
    happy weekend!

  4. I'm loving seeing all the new flowers and leaves on the trees around us! Love this time of year.

    That song was my favourite as a wee one. The Smalls love it too!


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