26 September, 2011

Paper bricks

Do you use or have you heard of paper bricks?
It's where you recycle your old paper & make paper bricks for your fire.
So... I shredded up all our old bills and stuff.
And soaked them in water for a few days. 
I then filled the paper brick mold thingy.
I then squished it down to compress the paper 
and turned it out onto a cake rack to dry.
Once dry, toss it onto the fire....
And voila, something to warm your tootsies with!


  1. I love it! We put our shredded stuff into the compost, but I'd much rather make paper bricks. Where'd you get the mold?

  2. Fabulous idea. Wish I had a fire place... :)

  3. Cripes. I am sorely tempted. But the kids have been making teensy igloos out of sugar cubes. Come the first downpour you know I'll have a soggy mess of a cubby house in my backyard...

  4. Very cool! I've never heard of this.

  5. Check out http://www.lehmans.com/store/Stoves?Args=
    for these newspaper brick molds.


  6. Not to be a killjoy, but it’s not good to burn these types of logs in your indoor fireplace—it dirties the chimney faster than wood, so you’re more likely to have a chimney fire. Not to mention the chemicals from the paper processing. Since there is flakier ash, it can be dangerous if you have any asthmatics in the household as well.

    It is however a great way to get rid of papers if you have a fire pit in your yard—I’m going to try it in the spring.


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