04 September, 2011

Happy Dadda's Day

 This year is my Mr's very first Fathers Day. 
So in honour of his Dadda-ness, here are a couple of my sweet memories of the new father & son team.
~ I remember Dadda's smile when bubba Joe first reached out his arms to him.
~ Giggles.. when Dadda changes bubba's nappy, he tickles him with his stubbley chin... lots & lots of giggles.
~ Bubba Joe always, always tries to reach Dadda's beer... always!
~ During the delivery, I look at Mr - he is really pale & ask him if he's ok. He laughs and says "Me? What about you?!"
~ Dadda answering to.... "Hello Dadda" - sweet. sweet. sweet.

What are some of your fav memories of your babes Dadda?

To all the fathers out there... Happy Fathers Day.