04 September, 2011

Happy Dadda's Day

 This year is my Mr's very first Fathers Day. 
So in honour of his Dadda-ness, here are a couple of my sweet memories of the new father & son team.
~ I remember Dadda's smile when bubba Joe first reached out his arms to him.
~ Giggles.. when Dadda changes bubba's nappy, he tickles him with his stubbley chin... lots & lots of giggles.
~ Bubba Joe always, always tries to reach Dadda's beer... always!
~ During the delivery, I look at Mr - he is really pale & ask him if he's ok. He laughs and says "Me? What about you?!"
~ Dadda answering to.... "Hello Dadda" - sweet. sweet. sweet.

What are some of your fav memories of your babes Dadda?

To all the fathers out there... Happy Fathers Day.


  1. Thanks for finding the time to stop by my blog :)
    Hope you all have a lovely day especially your hubby being the first Farther's day my 2 have just dived on him this morning hee.

  2. That's so beautiful :) Kx


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