02 September, 2011

The day I stained my baby with ink.

I had a great idea for a Father's day card... to pop bubba Joe's handprint onto one. 
But I didn't think ahead... No.  I didn't think ahead to removing the ink.
Hmm...  I almost went thru a pack of baby wipes - that didn't remove the ink.
So I sat Joe in the bathroom sink whilst I scrubbed his hand with soap - that didn't work.
I then tried makeup remover - that didn't work.
I dragged him to the kitchen and tried dishwashing detergent.
Phew. That worked.
But then his hand was incredibly soapy & it took ages to remove the detergent from his hands.
But all this scrubbing and what did bubba think?
He laughed & giggled & thought it was greatly funny! ...
And wow, he's only 8mths old.. and I was surprised at how big his hand print is!!

I've been having fun with this new Scrapbooking software, it really is quite fun & I look forward to making my Christmas catchup photos with it (to insert into my Christmas cards).
You have a chance at winning this software, just click here to enter.


  1. Gorgeous card. Love the ink removal story too!

  2. We are using ink to make Father's Day cards after school this afternoon. Now I know how to get it off The Smalls! Thanks.

  3. Awww, that's so cute that he giggled and giggled! I card will be adored. : )


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