01 September, 2011

How to..... Packaging odd shaped items

Remember Mona?  

Well, she needed to be packaged up & posted to the USA. 

But how do I package her?

Solution.. make a parcel tube from a paper tube (from the kitchen paper towels).
First, cut to length, with an extra 2-3cm longer than the doll (for folding the ends).
Pre-fold the ends, scoring if possible & then straighten back out.
Lay onto fabric, cut to length. Then squirt glue over the fabric.
Using a piece of cardboard as a squidgy, spread glue over fabric.
Line up & roll the tube over the fabric. 
Pressing the fabric seam with a little extra glue on your fingers!
Before it dries, press the ends close, along the fold lines that you had created prior.
Insert item & wrap with a pretty ribbon and voila!