28 November, 2010

Rie's To Do list for bub - updated.

Rie's list of things to do before the bub arrives.....  updated 28th Nov
Deadline.... 11th December.....

Assemble cot
- Wash all the bub clothes and cot linenDone but how do you fold baby clothes!!
- Organise a change table - That's what the top of the front loading washing machine is for!
- Make a cot quilt - Ha, am trying though!
- Finish round crochet blanket for the pram - Double Ha, but the baby will be born in Summer so maybe I can get away without it for a while!
Order pram
- Finish small granny square crochet blanket - Once again, have decided Summer bub won't need this!!
- Make bibs - Yeah right, have purchased them instead!
- Finish reading Up The Duff - Nope!
- Start & then finishing reading Baby Love - Can't every time I pick the book up, the hormone tears start!
- Organise my christmas card list early - Hmm, maybe would be a good idea to do this.
- Make christmas cards - Yeah right, this year people are getting shop bought cards!
- Organise the christmas presents early - Done and they just need wrapping!
- Make christmas presents - Ha! I'm crossing this off cos it so isn't going to happen this year!
- Paint & guild coffee table 1 - I keep thinking about it (does that count?).
- Glue stamps & finish coffee table 2 - I had to buy a glue stick, that is as far as I've gotten with that!
- Remember to sign up for postal vote for the upcoming Vic election - Done & voted.
- Organise a baby photo book (adding the scans done so far) - Have kind of started then the pile got mixed in with something else...
Do tax by end of October - Done, but now need to bank the refund cheque!
- Pack bags for hospital - Finally done, can you believe it took 2 hours to pack them! Phew!!
- Find the other list of To Do's & add to the this list! - This list has been lost. I don't want to find it!
- Make and hang curtains for the baby's room (aka the craft room, back room, spare room & storage room!) - Mr just did this today. 

26 November, 2010

Quilt in the making (squares) - baby quilt

I am just setting out the square fabric pieces to see how big they go and which will match the next one.
I've very carefully stacked them up ready for sewing, lets just hope I can keep them stacked together in order otherwise all my careful planning will have been in vain!

24 November, 2010

Take a torn flannie sheet...

I have two torn/ripped flannelette sheets and rather than doing the thrifty thing of repairing them and popping back onto the bed, I've decided to recycle them into something for the bub.
But, the question is what shall I make?
Any suggestions????

21 November, 2010

Baby Pool (take a punt, there is a prize to be won!)

We just turned 37 weeks pregnant today, the baby is due on the 11th December.....
But what is your guess, when will the baby be born?
Take a punt, submit a comment stating Sex, Date, Time & Weight
and the closest person will win a prize!
The prize will be a surprise too!
(remember to leave a way to contact you in case you're the winner!)

19 November, 2010

You may have already figured this out already, but...

Yes, more shopping again... but this time I am preparing for Christmas.
Check out these buttons I bought from here.
And these pretty pins purchased from here.

18 November, 2010

Seeing Stars

I've just finished cutting out the stars for the Xmas present tags. 
Actually, to be more exact, I should say that I've just finished punching stars but that sounds mean!

My Creative Space

Today I'm cutting up old Xmas cards to recycle them into Xmas tags for presents this year.
What do you do with your old Xmas cards? How do you reuse them?
Join in today with Kootoyoo's Creative Space.

16 November, 2010

Things I like.

Here are some of the things I'm currently liking....
- Finally remembering to check my post box & finding this....  
- Watching the rain drops fall onto the leaves, the leaves look like they are dancing.
- Receiving an email from an old friend.
- Our neighbour (who we only know by the occasional nod & hello) finding out that we are expecting our first child offering 'if there is anything that we can do, just let us know'. Sweet.
- A song popping up on my ipod that I hadn't heard in ages and in fact didn't even recall it being on my ipod!
- A cuppa tea in the morning.
- Spring time, seeing the blossom petals blow around in the wind.
- Feeling the baby move to Mr's (Dad's) voice. Sweet.
- Knowing I have way too many projects to complete in the 4 weeks leading up to the birth.
- Not caring about those projects and just enjoying the time to relax!
- Finding a crazy beetle on the outside door - I swear it's a Jurassic bug of some sort!
- The hand drawn farewell card drawn by my colleagues 5 year old daughter.
- Oh, and I like Mr too - I do!

What are you liking today?

14 November, 2010

This is why I don't knit.

Seriously, this is why I don't knit. 
My mum knitted this cotton jumper for the bub - there is no way I can compare to her knitting, not just the style & tension but the fact that she actually managed to finish before the bub was born & probably with no swearing involved either!!!
Mum also knitted this cape for the bub (for the cooler months), how cute is this!

08 November, 2010

Baby cot quilt - step one

I'm starting to like the fabric more now that I've hacked at the rows to cut them into sewable squares and rectangles, but I'm thinking that perhaps I should have measured them when they were strips to see how big they would assemble.

On the brighter side of things, this is my last week of work before my unpaid maternity leave starts!

04 November, 2010

My Creative Space

It's about baby booties today. I have to confess, I didn't make them though, they were gifted to me by a sister in law. Aren't they just cute!

I'm not a knitter, if I had chosen to knit some booties for my bub to be, well, let's just say that they'll won't even get finished in time for my bub's bub!
BUT maybe, you've seen somewhere out there an easy crochet version of baby booties or even a crochet baby beanie? If you have, can you let me know, I'd love to give it a try. Also, if you have any ideas for what I could as the baby will be born into the heat of summer and I can only think of wintery things to make.

Have you joined in with Kootoyoo's Creative Space yet?

03 November, 2010

One Ball Wonder

I have this one ball of yarn and it's deliciously soft.
It's 80% Bamboo and 20% Merino.
But what can I make with it?
What can you make with 1 ball of wool? Any ideas???

01 November, 2010

Buttons galore

Look at what my sister in law gave me for my birthday.
How cool is that! 
  Now, what shall I do with them all......