16 November, 2010

Things I like.

Here are some of the things I'm currently liking....
- Finally remembering to check my post box & finding this....  
- Watching the rain drops fall onto the leaves, the leaves look like they are dancing.
- Receiving an email from an old friend.
- Our neighbour (who we only know by the occasional nod & hello) finding out that we are expecting our first child offering 'if there is anything that we can do, just let us know'. Sweet.
- A song popping up on my ipod that I hadn't heard in ages and in fact didn't even recall it being on my ipod!
- A cuppa tea in the morning.
- Spring time, seeing the blossom petals blow around in the wind.
- Feeling the baby move to Mr's (Dad's) voice. Sweet.
- Knowing I have way too many projects to complete in the 4 weeks leading up to the birth.
- Not caring about those projects and just enjoying the time to relax!
- Finding a crazy beetle on the outside door - I swear it's a Jurassic bug of some sort!
- The hand drawn farewell card drawn by my colleagues 5 year old daughter.
- Oh, and I like Mr too - I do!

What are you liking today?

1 comment:

  1. I'm liking your list. ^^
    Cuppa tea sounds good too.
    I also like the all the sunshine and warmth that's predicted for this week. Yay. Think I'll finally try my felting. I have a stack of fibre just for trying this new technique.


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