28 November, 2010

Rie's To Do list for bub - updated.

Rie's list of things to do before the bub arrives.....  updated 28th Nov
Deadline.... 11th December.....

Assemble cot
- Wash all the bub clothes and cot linenDone but how do you fold baby clothes!!
- Organise a change table - That's what the top of the front loading washing machine is for!
- Make a cot quilt - Ha, am trying though!
- Finish round crochet blanket for the pram - Double Ha, but the baby will be born in Summer so maybe I can get away without it for a while!
Order pram
- Finish small granny square crochet blanket - Once again, have decided Summer bub won't need this!!
- Make bibs - Yeah right, have purchased them instead!
- Finish reading Up The Duff - Nope!
- Start & then finishing reading Baby Love - Can't every time I pick the book up, the hormone tears start!
- Organise my christmas card list early - Hmm, maybe would be a good idea to do this.
- Make christmas cards - Yeah right, this year people are getting shop bought cards!
- Organise the christmas presents early - Done and they just need wrapping!
- Make christmas presents - Ha! I'm crossing this off cos it so isn't going to happen this year!
- Paint & guild coffee table 1 - I keep thinking about it (does that count?).
- Glue stamps & finish coffee table 2 - I had to buy a glue stick, that is as far as I've gotten with that!
- Remember to sign up for postal vote for the upcoming Vic election - Done & voted.
- Organise a baby photo book (adding the scans done so far) - Have kind of started then the pile got mixed in with something else...
Do tax by end of October - Done, but now need to bank the refund cheque!
- Pack bags for hospital - Finally done, can you believe it took 2 hours to pack them! Phew!!
- Find the other list of To Do's & add to the this list! - This list has been lost. I don't want to find it!
- Make and hang curtains for the baby's room (aka the craft room, back room, spare room & storage room!) - Mr just did this today. 

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