Who am I?

Well, I'm Marie aka Rie  and I'm a ..... 
~ Yarnie
~ Fabric Stitcher
~ Maker of mess in the kitchen
~ Joe & Laney birther

~ Letter writer
~ Walker
~ Gardener
~ Photo Shooter
~ YouTuber

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Why do I ask that you support me in this? 
Well, it provides me with a small amount of cash to be able to buy more books, more yarn etc so that I can in turn read them, use them, create with them & then tell you about it! I promise to always let you know when I'm using affiliate links in any blog posts.

I've also been blessed to receive some awesome blog awards - thank you to all for nominating me!
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Please & Thankyou.

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  1. Yeah, and you make the rest of us angry! Use your own, don't steal it from others., the nerve.


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